Aircraft Maintenance Light Fixtures

Aircraft Maintenance Light Fixtures

It is very easy to see why Fixed Base Operators are so worried about the amount of energy expended on aircraft maintenance light fixtures. With all of the electronic equipment that must be used in airplane maintenance, bills can quickly become huge problems. One of the biggest ways that Fixed Base Operators lose money is through lighting bills, and the fact is that you will need to have good aircraft maintenance light fixtures to be able to do all the typical FBO services that need to be done regularly.

LED High Bay Lighting


There was a time where the high costs of electricity was just something that business owners had to cope with. However, those days are long gone. The “green movement” that has gripped the world of invention recently came out with a wide variety of different environmentally friendly light bulbs that reduce the amount of energy used to a fraction of what most Fixed Base Operators currently use. The high bay lighting and aircraft maintenance light fixtures in aircraft hangars are best suited for induction lighting.

It has been shown that getting your aircraft maintenance light fixtures retrofitted for induction lighting provides a very high return on investment for several reasons. Obviously, getting aircraft maintenance light fixtures switched from the more common energy-guzzling halide lamps to induction lamps has been shown to help FBO business owners save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in annual electric bills. This is an excellent way to get a higher profit margin. The return on investment in terms of energy savings alone is very short, and it continues to pay for years to come.

Aircraft Maintenance Light Fixtures

Another big reason why many Fixed Base Operators are switching their aircraft maintenance light fixtures is because it gives their FBO very good press. It is no secret that companies that show that they care about their environment tend to have higher sales because of it, and by installing energy-efficient high bay lighting, you are showing that you care.

Another reason why people are beginning to make their aviation hangars “go green” is because of the current price. Many people worry that getting new aircraft maintenance lighting is too expensive for their FBO to afford. There is definitely some logic behind it, but the fact is that the business owners who worry about this issue often don’t know that there are company rebates available that can alleviate the financial punch that the initial installation can have. Utility company-backed rebates are often the reason why many of the smaller Fixed Base Operators can afford the switch.

The fact is that there are a lot of reasons why now is the time to make the switch. The price of electricity is expected to rise in the next couple of years, and there is no telling whether or not the utility company rebates will continue to exist too much longer. Don’t wait until your electricity-guzzling light fixtures weigh your company down financially. Its time to look for a company that can help you retrofit your high bay lighting fixtures today.

We’re working with many FBOs and aircraft repair stations to retrofit the energy inefficient aircraft maintenance light fixtures with the new induction lighting. The old metal halides with the out-dated magnetic ballast are energy wasteful, have an annoying “buzzing” sound and can take several minutes to “re-strike” or fully illuminate.

We have discovered that fixed base operators are always fighting their lighting system and need a solution that addresses major operating concerns like; short lifespan of HID fixtures and the loss of 33% lumen output in the first two years resulting in dark spots. And when the lamp and/ ballast fail, a lift is needed to service the hi bay hanger lights. Often aircraft need to be moved, and manpower and time are wasted.  

The very best solution for today’s energy-wasting HID lights is the Induction light.  Reasons include;

  • The life expectancy of 100,000 hours.  
  • Ten-year manufacturer warranty.  
  • Energy savings of 60%
  • Reduced maintenance costs.

In addition, the silent operation is sure to please the technicians and those who work in aircraft maintenance and repair. Every fixed base operator employing older inefficient hanger lighting can benefit from the new induction lighting systems. 

The first GES FBO lighting project was Mountain Aviation in Broomfield, Colorado.  Mountain Aviation,, an aircraft maintenance and charter company operates a fleet of turboprops, and Citation jets as well as a Falcon 50 and a Gulfstream G400. Mountain Aviation is proud to support the Colorado and Wyoming Donor Alliance, flying life-saving organ and tissue transplant missions.

Their maintenance hanger at KBJC, equipped with sixteen 1000w MH lamps was very costly and they contacted Green Energy Solutions, Inc. to help them save money and provide a better working environment for their team of aircraft technicians.  We conducted an audit of the facility and proposed a solution that would save over $400 per month on their electric bill!

That solution was Induction lighting, which runs 12 hours a day and will last for twenty (20) years more disruption of the operation to changing burned-out lights or ballasts every few years; moving aircraft, renting a lift to reach the lights, etc.

This lighting Retrofit qualified for a rebate from Xcel for over $4000 and helped produce a very attractive ROI of only 26 months!

Our work with Mountain Aviation has led us to work with XJet (KAPA), 3rd. in Aviation International News annual FBO Survey of Top 10 FBOs in America for 2011., a member-based club offering unrivaled services and facilities.  The XJet facility includes 2 large hangers and acres of ramp.

In the Spring of 2011, GES installed two ramp lights. Replacing 1500w MH with 150w Induction.  The project includes replacing all 8 outdoor ramp lights, retrofitting existing 400w MH with 200w Induction hi bay in both hangers ( total 114 fixtures) as well as retrofitting the garage lighting and parking lot lights.

On many occasions, Tom Perkins, VP of XJet, has commented on the number of visiting pilots who upon arriving at the XJet ramp will ask about the new lights.  Often saying how they were much easier on the eyes than the others and asking why don’t you do the rest of them.

The project totals for XJet are equally impressive. Saving more than $26,000 a year in utilities ($2,200 mo.) and $20,000 in rebates resulting in a payback of 27 months!

Eager to improve the aircraft maintenance light fixtures and save money on electric bills, today’s operators of aircraft hangers and maintenance facilities worldwide are directing their attention to new and improved Induction lighting solutions for the indoor and outdoor lighting, exit signs, ramp, hanger lights, etc.  

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