LED Cooler Door Lights

The installation of energy efficient, long-life LED cooler door lights instead of the incumbent fluorescent technology allows retailers like Wal-Mart to aggressively pursue their environmental sustainability goals. In stores where the new LED cooler door lights will be put to work, Wal-Mart expects to net up to 66 percent energy savings, compared with fluorescent technology. “It’s our hope that one day all our reach-in refrigerated display case lighting will use energy-efficient LEDs.”

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LED Cooler Door Lights



Eight of the top 10 U.S. grocers/supermarkets and convenience stores are testing or using LED cooler door lights solutions.SimpleTube LED Cooler Door Lights spec sheet

Primary benefits of retrofitting, UL-approved SimpleTube LED cooler door lights to include:

  • Improved product visibility with reduced light-source glare on products and floors
  • Hidden light source provides better access to products for stockers and consumers
  • More robust and better for the environment than fluorescent lamps because it doesn’t contain glass or mercury and it doesn’t produce UV or infrared light
  • Up to 78 percent energy savings compared with  fluorescent lamps
  • Over two times the life of fluorescent lamps in a cold environment reduces maintenance costs and hassles (50,000 vs. 18,000 hours)
  • Available in lengths of 48″, 60″ and 68″.

SimpleTube LED cooler door lights lighting solution also saves watts by lessening the load on the compressor. For every light watt reduced in a frozen food case, the compressor works less hard, saving ~ 0.45 watts. On a 5-door case, the additional energy savings from a reduced load on the compressor can reach 70 watts vs. T8 fluorescent; 134 watts vs. HO fluorescent; and 330 watts vs. VHO fluorescent.

With the SimpleTube LED solution, re-lamping cycles can extend beyond 10 years instead of the 2-year cycle time that is typically associated with fluorescent lamps. SimpleTube LED cooler door lights feature a color temperature of 5000K and a color-rendering index of 80.

It’s an industry first, using direct 120 VAC input eliminating the need for a bulky power supply. This ballast-free lamp has a patented internal driver which makes it remote power supply free. Installation is as easy as connecting speaker wires. 

Customer Reviews

“Steve, lights went in this last weekend and look GREAT!!! My electrician really like the easy hook up too. Here’s a picture, took it with my cell phone, but you get the idea. If you ever need a reference I’d be happy to help you.” Doug J of Wisconsin Rapids, WI

 “The SimpleTube Platinum LED cooler door lights are so bright, they should come with a warning for when you flip the switch the first time. WOW!! The store looks great, thanks Steve for your expert consulting.” Randy K of Bradley, CA

 “Steve thanks again for all the help with the new lights I’ll send you pictures tomorrow, they look fabulous”Don M. of Happy Valley, Oregon

 “Steve, The owner and the florist loved it. They are grateful to have a beautiful Valentine cooler for their flowers. Thanks”Erich W. of Richmond, VA

 “I will be working on another restaurant lighting job this winter. The previous LED Restaurant job was a huge success. Thanks for your help”Will A. of Williamsburg, VA

Steve, our beer sales were up 47% in March from the previous March after putting in your LED lights. What an upgrade…let your customers know! Chad S. of West Des Moines, IA

View more customer reviews at https://energyefficientdevices.org/customers-and-partners.html


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