LED T8 Tube is a linear tube designed as replacement lighting use in all types of indoor and outdoor fixtures. LED T8 lighting technology is self-ballasted and does not require a remote power supply. Directly connects to universal voltage – 120-277 VAC. Now available with “Recessed Double Contact Caps” see spec sheets below.

A LED T8 Tube is an energy efficient device for many types of applications and are ideal replacement lighting for standard and high performance T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes. Now available in High Output T8 LED series.

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LED T8 Tube

LED T8 Tube

LED T8 Tube – Bypass NANO Tube by Ledsion

features thermoplastic NANO Polycarbonate LED tubes, 300-degree beam angle; up to 2250 lumens; G13 (two pin) base; available in 15W; UL,cUL,DLC; replaces 40W-60W Fluorescent tubes; Available in 15W; Prices start at $

LED T8 Tube

LED T8 Tube – Hybid NANO Tube by Ledsion

Nano Polycarbonate LED tubes are designed to work with or without ballast; Compatible with most of North American instant start electronic ballast; wider beam angle than plastic/aluminum led tubes; 300-degree beam angle; G13 (two pin) base; available in 12/15W; Prices start at $

LED T8 Tube

LED T8 Tube – Bypass 8ft by Ledsion 

Ballast bypass; Featuring internal driver; Frosted, Clear; R17D, Fa8 and G13 bi-pin bases; up to 4680 lumens @ 36W; Beam Angle 140°; ETL certification; 90-277V; Single-ended power; Available in 36W. Prices start at $42.

LED T8 Tube

LED T8 Tube – Integrated LED Tubes by Ledsion 

8ft linkable;end-to-end connectable design; compatible with voltages 85-265V; rated for damp locations, interior spaces; diffuse lens; up to 6700 Lumens; available in 60W; Prices start at $




Our LED T8 Tube is designed to fit into lamp sockets of existing fluorescent tubes and bypassing the ballast per the installation instructions. Installing the LED T8 tube is as simple as installing fluorescent tubes. Simply snap in place and rotate

The LED T8 tube comes in 2’, 4’, 5’, 6’ and 8’ lengths. It comes in the color temperatures of 3500k, 4100k and 5000k.  Some applications include store lighting, office lighting, street sign backlighting, display cases, recreation vehicles such as buses and train interiors, coolers and freezers,

The LEDs last up to 70,000 plus hours, after which the light output will fall below the initial output. The light will continue to operate thousands of hours thereafter, but at less than 70%

The LED T8 tube has superior operation in cold temperatures compared to fluorescent lamps. And because they are solid-state, the LED T8s have a high shock and vibration resistance bodies with polycarbonate lenses eliminating the hazard of glass tube breakage.

A LED T8 tube lights up with full intensity with no buzzing or flickering and are environmentally friendly. LED T8 lamps eliminate the mercury hazard present in the fluorescent tubes. They also are recyclable. A LED T8 tube consumes almost ½ as many watts as fluorescents, reducing electric bill cost. 

Light output and light pattern is equal to or greater than standard fluorescent tubes. Lower maintenance equals lower maintenance cost. Because of their long life and the self-ballasted feature, LED T8 lamps do not need to be replaced nearly as often making it especially beneficial in hard to reach areas that may require costly lifts, ladders and scaffolds.

The LED T8 tube lamps also remain cool to the touch reducing the need for ventilation and air conditioning and therefore reducing the electrical bill. With both reduced energy cost, maintenance cost replacing fluorescent tube lighting with LED T8 tubes will result in huge savings.

T8 LED Replacement Lighting – May 2013
T8 LED replacement lamps
Note: replaced two T12 lamps (150 watt) per fixture with one T8 LED, 52 watt, 5000K 














Features and Benefits

  • Long Life: 70,000 + hour lifespan exceeds even the highest quality fluorescent tubes
  • Extreme Efficiency: Over 80% more efficient than traditional fluorescent tubes
  • Instant Start at any temperature (-30 C to 75 C) or humidity conditions
  • Various lengths available 2ft., 3ft. 4ft., 6ft., 8 ft.
  • Flicker-Free Lighting: Eliminate eye strain associated with fluorescent lighting
  • Color Temperature: 3500k, 4100k and 5000k
  • CRI 80+
  • Shatter-Proof Design: Will not break even if dropped
  • NO remote ballasts, equals even more energy savings
  • Mercury FREE: Allows the use of tube lighting when mercury contamination is not an option
  • Universal Input Voltage: AC 110~277V
  • No Radiated EMI Interference: Perfect for use where EMI sensitive instruments are used
  • Ideal product for hospital and office lighting applications
  • Cooler Door Lights – Refrigerated Case Display Lighting
  • Glare-Free(TM) – made with patented Meso-Lens(TM)
  • Adjustable end caps allow bulb to be angled to desired optimum position
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 5 Year Warranty


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