Off Grid Solar Billboard Lighting systems use commercial-grade solar-powered lighting where ac power is not readily available or too costly to access. Solar Powered sign lights combine energy efficiency and high performance to provide a great solution for businesses 

Stand-alone solar lighting systems illuminate advertising billboards of various sizes, large signs, and monument signs at substantial savings. Reduce costs of operation, eliminate maintenance costs, and increase visibility and revenues for billboard advertising.

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Billboard lighting has always been extremely expensive however, solar billboard lighting has changed all of that. Solar billboard lights make lighting outdoor advertising of any size and at any location simpler and more cost-effective than it ever has been before. With solar billboard lights, you will never have to pay for:

  • Trenching, wiring and re-landscaping
  • Electric utility connections and monthly service charges
  • Land usage and monthly maintenance costs

Solar billboard lighting systems are custom sized and designed to deliver the exact lighting, hours of operation and reliability that you need and at an affordable price. 

Solar Billboard Lighting

Solar Billboard Lighting

Billboard Lights-Cosmo

Features a remote control so that you can select your desired mode, brightness and timer options. After a full charge, this solar light can be activated in increments of 10% brightness for a full 12 hours; a sensor which activates the light when it is sufficiently dark; up to 5000 Lumens; available in 20/50W; Prices start at $


Solar Billboard Lighting

Billboard SignLighting-Broadway

all-in-one design, complete with a self-contained solar power assembly; up to 2,000 lumens @ 20W; run time 2-3 days; operating first 4 hours 100% brightness, 25% brightness till dawn; available in 10/20W; Prices start at $


Solar Billboard Lighting

Solar Billboard Lights-Sunlike

off-grid lighting solution, low-profile, all-in-one, fully-integrated design operating temperature -4 °F to 122 °F; Lumileds 5050; IP65; up to 9,000 Lumens; available in 8/20/30/50W; Prices start at $




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Solar Billboard Lighting
Solar Billboard Lighting
Solar Billboard Lighting



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