LED Garage Ceiling Lights feature energy savings, long life, and easy-to-install design. Designed to meet or exceed recommended illuminance criteria when installed as a direct replacement of most HID parking garage lights. LED Low Bay lighting for LED garage ceiling lights – the smart choice for commercial and municipal garage applications. Looking to replace T12 or T8 fluorescent bulbs with LED? View the selection of LED T8 linear tubes, both Bi-Pin and Singe Pin.

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Upgrading municipal parking garages: LED Garage Ceiling Lights is the smart choice for commercial and municipal garages. Install LED lighting for improved lighting levels and glare control while delivering recommended horizontal or vertical illumination for commercial and municipal parking garages. The 0-10V dimming system allows for 100%-0% light output for increased energy savings. The full dimming system can be controlled by Wireless Wi-Fi or Wired Ethernet systems.

Applications: Parking Garage Lighting, Canopy Lighting, Gas Station Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Storage Lighting, Security Lighting, Area Lighting.

Fully Compliant with ARRA Buy American requirements – Manufactured in the U.S.A. with U.S. and imported components

LED Garage Ceiling Lights and Canopy Lighting

 LED Garage Ceiling Lights  

LED Garage Ceiling Lights by Ledsion

Low profile canopy lighting for gas stations, underground space, warehouses, low bay industrial areas. IP65 rated for wet locations. Up to 16,500LM, replaces existing HID & HPS canopy fixtures up to 400 Watts. Available in 100W, 130W, 150W. Prices start at $250

 LED Garage Ceiling Lights

LED Garage Ceiling Lights Linear Lighting 4ft bu Arrlux

LED Linear High Bay Edge series by Arrlux, 4ft

indoor or outdoor applications with a IP67 rating, ideal cove or soffit lighting; Multiple units are linkable; 16,672 lm @ 150W; 5000K; DLC listed, Available in 60W, 90W, 120W, 150W. Prices start at $250

LED Garage Ceiling Lights

LED Garage Ceiling Lights 5001 by Crystal

16″ round ceiling or pendant mount for parking garages, covered walkways, underground space, commercial and industrial areas. IP65 rated for wet locations. Up to 9,986 Lumens; available in 35/45/55/65/75W; Prices start at $.

LED Garage Ceiling Lights

LED Low Bay Square Canopy 10″ by Altech

Featuring, Die Cast Aluminum construction; 6 Year Warranty; DLC qualified product listing, IP65 Rated, Replaces existing HID & HPS canopy or parking garage fixtures up to 250W; Available in 42W, 65W.

LED Low Bay Square

LED Garage Ceiling Lights

LED Garage Ceiling Lights Low Profile 14 Series by Neptun Light

features High Output COB LEDs for excellent optics and its rugged design allows for use in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. IP66 Rated: Replaces existing HID fixtures up to 150 Watts. DLC qualified product listing. Available in 40w, 55w, 70w. 

LED Garage Ceiling Lights


Article:US Dept of Energy – Parking Garage Lighting

When considering parking garages, it is common to assume one uniform light level, night or day, is appropriate. The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) recommends a low light level for basic parking areas and higher light levels for ramps and higher still for entrance areas. Additionally, since most parking garages are lighted 24/7, ramps and entrance areas should have even higher light levels during daylight hours to facilitate eye adjustment from natural exterior light.

Lighting uniformity must also be considered for safe vehicle and pedestrian interaction. Too much contrast between bright and dark light areas creates safety issues. Using fixtures with appropriate distribution patterns and layouts with appropriate spacing make all the difference. Consequently, one-for-one replacement may not be an option when considering appropriate light levels and uniformity. Also consider surface colors, as lighter colors on ceilings and vertical surfaces will increase reflection, improving lighting levels and uniformity. You can refer to IES resources or your local lighting professional for assistance

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Parking garage lighting



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