LED High Bay Lighting

LED High Bay Lighting is a versatile lighting solution that offers numerous benefits for various commercial and industrial applications. Not only does it provide bright and efficient illumination, but it also boasts a long lifespan and low maintenance requirements. With its exceptional durability, LED High Bay Lighting is resistant to shocks, vibrations, and extreme temperatures, making it ideal for demanding environments. Whether it’s a warehouse, gymnasium, or manufacturing facility, LED High Bay Lighting delivers exceptional performance and energy savings, making it a smart choice for any business.

LED High Bay Lighting

Brand: Altech
up to 28,800 lumens
60/100/ 150/240/320W.
Prices start at $228.

LED High Bay Lighting

Brand: E-Lite
featuring multiple optics for
low and high bay applications;
up to 96,000 lumens; DLC, ETL, CE;
120/ 200/300/400/600W.
Prices start at $300.

LED High Temperature High Bay Lighting

High Temperature
Brand: E-Lite

operating temperature range -30 to 80°C
up to 58,500 lumens @ 450W.
Available in 50/100/150/200/300/450W.
Prices start at $350. 

High-bay lighting solutions – Meet energy reduction goals while providing maintenance and environmental benefits that deliver bottom-line savings for your company. 

High bay lighting offers a quick payback through a 70% reduction in maintenance and energy costs compared to conventional metal halide systems. Featuring low-maintenance high bay lighting solutions optimized for warehouse, retail aisles, cold storage, manufacturing, food processing, security, garage, and healthcare applications.

High bay lights provide a maintenance-free, energy efficient alternative to; High Pressure Sodium, Low Pressure Sodium, HID High Bay, HID Low Bay, High Intensity Fluorescent, Pulse-start HID, Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor, Quartz halogen lighting fixtures. 


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