Buy Direct and Save $$$ – All of our lighting fixtures ship factory direct to your facility. Call sales toll-free (1-844-533-7767) 


Buy Direct and Save $$$ – All of our lighting fixtures ship factory direct to your facility. Call sales toll-free (1-844-533-7767) 


Buy Direct and Save $$$ – All of our lighting fixtures ship factory direct to your facility. Call sales toll-free (1-844-533-7767) 


LED lamps may soon be able to go much longer between fixture replacements thanks to a new graphite foam cooling system developed at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee. The graphite foam works by passively wicking heat away from the lamp via its lightly-packed, open skeletal structure – and given that a ten-degree decrease in operating temperature can double the lifespan of LED lighting components, the benefits of keeping them cool are clear. 

The technology has just been licensed to LED North America, which plans on integrating it into street lights and other municipal, commercial and industrial applications.

Buy Direct and Save $$$ – All of our lighting fixtures ship factory direct to your facility. Call sales toll-free (1-844-533-7767)





LED cooler lights for contractors, grocery store owners, facility managers, wholesale electric suppliers, etc across the United States and Canada are excited and giving awesome testimonies about the performance of the SimpleTube LED cooler door lights and refrigerated display case lighting.

Are you looking to upgrade your cooler lighting from fluorescent bulbs to bright, energy efficient LED? Call sales toll free 1-844-LED PROS (1-844-533-7767)


LED cooler lights


From 7-Eleven Convenience Stores to Albertsons Supermarkets to Chevron Gas Stations, SimpleTube has been the choice over all other LED cooler lights and T8 LED Tubes. Available in 48″, 60″ and 68″. Read on to find out why SimpleTube is the perfect solution for your store as well.

Customer Reviews

“Steve, lights went in this last weekend and look GREAT!!! My electrician really like the easy hook up too. Here’s a picture, took it with my cell phone, but you get the idea. If you ever need a reference I’d be happy to help you.” Doug J of Wisconsin Rapids, WI

 “The SimpleTube Platinum LED cooler door lights are so bright, they should come with a warning for when you flip the switch the first time. WOW!! The store looks great, thanks Steve for your expert consulting.” Randy K of Bradley, CA

 “Steve thanks again for all the help with the new lights I’ll send you pictures tomorrow, they look fabulous”. Don M. of Happy Valley, Oregon

 “Steve, The owner and the florist loved it. They are grateful to have a beautiful Valentine cooler for their flowers. Thanks”, Erich W. of Richmond, VA

 “I will be working on another restaurant lighting job this winter. The previous LED Restaurant job was a huge success. Thanks for your help”. Will A. of Williamsburg, VA

Steve, our beer sales were up 47% in March from the previous March after putting in your LED lights. What an upgrade…let your customers know! Chad S. of West Des Moines, IA

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The SimpleTube Slimm LED cooler lights is listed on the DesignLights™ Consortium Qualified Products List (DLC QPL) and is eligible for utility company incentives and rebates for commercial refrigeration lighting.

Money Back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase of the SimpleTube Titanium model, return the product for a complete refund

Energy SavingsUsing a national average of $0.11 to $0.12 kw/h, you can expect to save 40% to 60% in energy usage per year.

SimpleTube’s LED cooler lights feature lower power requirements, heat from lighting is significantly reduced, which in turn reduces the strain and demand on refrigeration compressors.

Combine all that with no bulb replacement, no ballast replacement and a 6 year manufacturer warranty; the benefits of a SimpleTube LED cooler door lights retrofit to your business outweigh any other considerations.

Unique Product Features:

All with the exclusive patented internal driver, NO remote driver or ballast. to purchase, install and maintain! Zero maintenance! (Save on average $40 per door!)

SimpleTube “center” units have a unique inverted “V-shape” engineered with designed optics that laser-focus the light vertically and horizontally – in equal measure – to give full illumination to both the right side and to the left side.

All with a special shield to eliminate glare associated with cooler doors and light

Compatible with motion sensors for On/Off/Dimming

User-friendly installation.  Direct connects to 120 VAC (like connecting stereo speaker wire)

All with a industry best 6 year manufacturer warranty, rated for 55,000 hours. That’s 10 to 12 years or more of worry-free operation. “Install these LED cooler lights it and forget about it!”


LED cooler door lights before and after


Buy Direct and Save $$$ – All of our lighting fixtures ship factory direct to your facility. Call sales toll-free (1-844-533-7767) 






Automated Energy Savings For Business

Occupancy sensors and timers reduce lighting costs while rooms are not in use. Can save up to 50% on lighting usage. With high energy costs and a challenging economy facing businesses and institutions, energy conservation has never been more important. With lighting accounting for up to 39% of a building’s total electrical load, businesses need energy-efficient lighting-control solutions to maximize energy savings, make code compliance easier, and increase convenience and productivity.

Every business and institution can benefit from reducing energy consumption. Whether it’s ensuring that the lights are off when a restroom is not in use or a large conference room or a reception area, there is a device for that application. There are commercial dimmers and fan speed controls for restrooms. Occupancy sensors, both wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted for large rooms. And timers that ensure any lights in storage areas, utility rooms, restrooms, spas and pool areas are on only as long as needed.

Wall Mount Occupancy Sensors 
Lutron Motion Sensor

Lutron Motion Sensor

The LOS-WDT Series wall-mount dual-technology sensors are used to control lighting in spaces that have pendant fixtures, ceiling fans, or high ceilings. The adaptive technology eliminates manual sensitivity and timer adjustments during installation and over the life of the product.

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To determine what kind of Occupancy Sensor, Electronic Dimmer and Relay to use:

1. verify total wattage, take a center unit SimpleTube, turn it ON and get the current reading A (amp)

2. total wattage = A x 120 x total units, e.g. 0.33 amp x 120 volt x 6 units = 238 watt

3. for 238 watt, LUTRON SELV-300P (300W) Electronic Dimmer is a good choice

4. wattage on Occupancy Sensor doesn’t matter as much since it drives a relay only, get auto ON/OFF, avoid these kinds, Title 24 compatible (manual ON, auto OFF), Dusk to Dawn, Adjustable light control, Incandescent only.

5. Relay needs to be 120Vac coil, 3PDT, 10 amp or higher on contacts

How Occupancy Sensors Work

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Commercial hand dryers eliminate labor and janitorial costs of paper towels and are much more efficient than old style hand dryers. These newer automatic hand dryers are high speed, high output and actually dry your hands in 10 seconds. Commercial hand dryers use electricity in order to blow warm air onto a persons hands. These are perfect for washrooms found in commercial centers like malls, restaurants, theaters and offices. Electric hand dryers are the perfect substitute for towels or tissue paper.

The new Comac Blast combines unsurpassed drying speed, “universal voltage” with a compact, modern design. The Blast hand dryer simultaneously blows water off hands and evaporates residual moisture, drying hands completely in approximately 10 seconds! Using 1/6th of the energy used by conventional hand dryers, Blast is extremely environmentally friendly. It costs up to 95% less than paper towels to operate, and compared to conventional warm air dryers, costs 80% less to run!

The Comac Blast commercial hand dryer features;

Unsurpassed drying speed – Blows water off hands and evaporates residual moisture with ultra-high velocity warm air. Dries completely in 10 seconds

Universal voltage – Auto-sensing circuit instantly adjusts to 115, 208 or 230 volts

Cast iron cover – ¼-inch thick cast iron with porcelain enamel finish for the ultimate in durability

Compact, modern design – Elegant housing; the smallest high-velocity hand dryer on the market

Environmentally friendly – Uses 1/6 the energy of conventional hand dryers and costs 25 times less than paper towels to operate

Long lasting – Virtually indestructible cover and high quality mechanism warranted for 10 years


Buy Direct and Save $$$ – All of our lighting fixtures ship factory direct to your facility. Call sales toll-free (1-844-533-7767) 


eCube an Energy-Saving Device for Commercial Refrigerators

eCube renamed eTemp with significant improvements. visit the website here

eCube is comprised of a patented hydrocarbon compound that has the same properties as food and beverages. With eCube providing the thermostat with product temperature instead of air temperature, causes the compressor to run fewer but much longer cycles. Food product is maintained at a more accurate and constant temperature using less cooling., less compressor cycles, resulting in increased equipment life,  energy savings of  10 – 30% and ensuring better food safety. 

Looking to reduce your energy consumption in your walk in coolers and freezers? Call for your complimentary consultation – 661.305.3332. Ask for Steve



Energy Savings in Commercial Refrigeration

Energy Savings in Commercial Refrigeration

eCube simulates the temperature of a broad range of food and beverages and relays this information to the thermostat to:

Reduce cooling cycles

Save energy

Lower wear and tear

Reduce CO2 emissions

Additional Links

eCube Explained –

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eCube Brochure – 

See how eCube can save you time, money and energy, get a free quote and a free simple energy savings audit. Call Steve at 661.305.3332 or email .