Save money with a smart meter

Monitoring your daily energy use is just one way you can save money with a smart meter.

In July I wrote about the Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse website that allows Americans to track their local smart grid projects. In the article I discussed the smart meter project that my utility company, Salt River Project (SRP), is working on and then mentioned my disappointment that I wasn’t in on their pilot program. Imagine my surprise when I returned home from a vacation to the Grand Canyon to find a call from an SRP representative informing me that I was eligible for a smart meter upgrade.

After calling the utility company I discovered that SRP has expanded beyond the pilot program. Once the project is completed, nearly 100 percent of SRP’s customers will be equipped with a smart meter. While the smart meter installations will create a more efficient meter reading process for SRP, there is also an immediate benefit to the customer— seeing their daily energy use.

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