Occupancy Sensors

Automated Energy Savings For Business

Occupancy sensors and timers reduce lighting costs while rooms are not in use. Can save up to 50% on lighting usage. With high energy costs and a challenging economy facing businesses and institutions, energy conservation has never been more important. With lighting accounting for up to 39% of a building’s total electrical load, businesses need energy-efficient lighting-control solutions to maximize energy savings, make code compliance easier, and increase convenience and productivity.

Every business and institution can benefit from reducing energy consumption. Whether it’s ensuring that the lights are off when a restroom is not in use or a large conference room or a reception area, there is a device for that application. There are commercial dimmers and fan speed controls for restrooms. Occupancy sensors, both wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted for large rooms. And timers that ensure any lights in storage areas, utility rooms, restrooms, spas and pool areas are on only as long as needed.

Wall Mount Occupancy Sensors 
Lutron Motion Sensor

Lutron Motion Sensor

The LOS-WDT Series wall-mount dual-technology sensors are used to control lighting in spaces that have pendant fixtures, ceiling fans, or high ceilings. The adaptive technology eliminates manual sensitivity and timer adjustments during installation and over the life of the product.

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To determine what kind of Occupancy Sensor, Electronic Dimmer and Relay to use:

1. verify total wattage, take a center unit SimpleTube, turn it ON and get the current reading A (amp)

2. total wattage = A x 120 x total units, e.g. 0.33 amp x 120 volt x 6 units = 238 watt

3. for 238 watt, LUTRON SELV-300P (300W) Electronic Dimmer is a good choice

4. wattage on Occupancy Sensor doesn’t matter as much since it drives a relay only, get auto ON/OFF, avoid these kinds, Title 24 compatible (manual ON, auto OFF), Dusk to Dawn, Adjustable light control, Incandescent only.

5. Relay needs to be 120Vac coil, 3PDT, 10 amp or higher on contacts

How Occupancy Sensors Work

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