SimpleTube LED Cooler Door Lights in Chevron Gas Stations

For the store owners at the Chevron locations throughout Southern California, like franchisee Gary Analian in Pomona, the goal was to achieve significant energy and cost savings. “My station runs 24/7, so the energy cost of running the lighting throughout the store, including the reach-in coolers, was significant,” states Gary Analian,” My initial goal was to cut energy consumption by 30%, but EcoGreen felt they could surpass that with products like the SimpleTube.”

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SimpleTube LED Cooler Door Lights in Chevron Gas Stations

SimpleTube in Chevron stations 1 SimpleTube in Chevron stations 2

A SimpleTube™ consumes 17 Watts of power and runs on direct 120V AC line power thus not requiring an external power converter or ballast. The fluorescent lighting system uses a bulky and inefficient ballast, and each fluorescent tube consumes 120Watts of power total system. The ratio for SimpleTube is 1:1 at the cooler ends and 2:1 at the center mullion of the case. For a standard 2-door case the SimpleTube system requires just 68 Watts, compared to 360 Watts consumed by the fluorescent system. That represents 80% energy savings. Multiplied by 12 refrigerated cases and the savings are significant:

EcoGreen’s installers remove the lamp and ballast and cut off the tombstone lamp holders. The SimpleTube fastens directly to the old fixture frame using self-tapping screws. The installer then connects the SimpleTube wires directly to the main power and restores power to the case.


“The store owners at the Chevron locations where we installed SimpleTube are blown away by the night-and-day difference in the lighting in their cases,” said Mitchell. By directing light onto the packaged goods inside the case, the SimpleTube provides more uniform illumination of the product and eliminates glare and light spillage outside the case.

“The fixture is sleek looking and unobtrusive inside the case,” indicates Pomona Chevron owner Analian,” The product inside the case really pops.” The SimpleTube creates an inviting illumination that does a better job of merchandising than any other light source.


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