LED Cooler Door Lights 6ft fixture measures 68″ and is able to accommodate all the refrigerated and freezer display cases which accept 68″ to 72″ lighting fixtures. As with all LED fixtures, this unit is used in vertical as well as horizontal applications. Ideal for ceiling-mounted inside a beer cave, floral walk-in cooler or a restaurant storage refrigeration. 

This fixture represents the state–of–the–art lighting solution for refrigerated and freezer display cases and is available in a wide range of color temperatures and lengths to meet the needs of all existing and future display cases. Best of all this 2014 LED product is far superior to products still using 1950’s technology of an external power supply or ballast. Compared to competitor’s products, the unique shape provides the most uniform light distribution, eliminating hot spots and shadows – lighting is laser-focused on your product. 

LED Cooler Door Lights 6ft

SimpleTube Slimm LED Cooler Door Lights 6ft














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