Energy efficiency solutions for your home, business and military bases save on energy, save you money and save the environment. Today there are several energy efficient devices that provide complete energy saving solutions for companies large and small. This blog will report on some of the more innovative energy efficient devices  that provide real benefits of going green. It is well accepted that energy demand will outpace supply in the coming years. Nearly $400 billion was spent on electricity in 2009 in the U.S., up from $300 billion in 2005 and consumption is predicted to increase over 50% over the next 25 years. .

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Energy Efficient Devices


The explosive worldwide demand for energy is responsible for rising energy prices, tight energy supplies and the growing anxiety about climate change. This is creating irreversible market forces that will reward businesses and military base contractors that take the initiative and reduce their energy consumption and penalize those that wait.

Energy Savings Without Compromise

Our overall mission is to deliver sustainable energy savings and guaranteed positive cash flow to our clients. We will provide easy and cost-effective energy efficient devices as solutions to help you eliminate wasted or inefficient energy usage. Just a few minutes of your time could save you thousands of dollars. Before we begin any energy savings audit, we thoroughly walk your building, car dealership, parking lot, etc. determine your energy needs and search out any wasted power usage. We even pay attention to the smallest details like hand dryers and occupancy sensors. You can be confident that we think of all energy efficient devices to save you money. Additional energy efficient devices include decorative and functional architectural lighting fixtures and LED Grow Lights.

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Energy Efficient Devices

Energy efficient devices
Featured Devices –  SimpleTube LED Cooler Lights and James Industry LED Refrigeration Lights

LED cooler lights are designed to replace traditional fluorescent lamps inside vertical glass-door refrigerated cases. LED lighting have specialized optics that provide bright, consistent illumination without the glare or hotspots associated with older fluorescent technology. Significant reduction in energy consumption and heat reduction which will allow the refrigeration unit to run more efficient. LEDs run better in the colder environment than the energy consuming fluorescent 

eCube (renamed eTemp) consists of a food simulant contained in a double-skinned enclosure that mimics food temperature With eCube, the thermostat regulates the refrigeration temperature based upon food temperature rather than air temperature, thereby maintaining food at the proper temperature. When fitted to the thermostat sensor, which controls the compressor,  eCube significantly reduces the frequency of the refrigeration cycles which are now based on food temperature rather than fluctuating air temperature. As a result, cooling cycles are reduced – saving energy, lowering wear and tear, reducing emissions and ensuring better food safety.

The ARC Tech Pro is designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce utility costs and protect valuable electronics and appliances from power line surges. This energy saving device dramatically reduces the amount of energy wasted by the motors in your facility. It helps to significantly reduce electric demand and energy generated by the utility companies. This is a better alternative to costly motor replacement. The ARC-Tech Pro for residential and commercial applications will reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of your existing motors. Discover the energy savings that 100’s of thousands of satisfied customers are enjoying! Installation of these energy efficient devices is quick and easy and the energy savings are immediate. Save 6% to 25% off your electric bill by reducing electrical waste and energy costs.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Research shows that, on average, interior lighting accounts for 30 percent of a commercial building’s annual energy bill, and that implementing intelligent lighting controls can easily reduce the cost of interior lighting by 50 percent. However with the huge amount of lighting products available today, it’s imperative that you rely on an expert to help you make the right decision based upon your specific lighting needs. We install only the finest lighting products after thoroughly researching your needs. And we always stand behind our installation.

LED PROS WorldWide will provide a free comprehensive energy audit for your facility and create a detailed summary outlining areas for energy efficiency improvement. We will show you the monthly and annual energy savings for all energy efficient devices recommended as well as a return on investment (ROI) schedule for each recommendation helping you to choose the best options to maximize your investment. See Aircraft Maintenance Light Fixtures.

We will then manage your entire project from start to finish with the highest quality installation in the industry. Finally we prepare the paperwork for any available rebates from your utility company.

All you have to do is contact LED PROS WorldWide to determine the best energy efficient devices and start saving on your energy bill. It’s that simple.

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