Energy Efficient Devices

Opting for energy-efficient devices in your residence, office, or military installations not only conserves energy and benefits the environment but also helps cut down on expenses. Nowadays, numerous options exist that offer comprehensive energy-saving solutions tailored to companies of all sizes.

These energy-saving solutions come in various forms, ranging from smart thermostats and LED lighting to solar panels and efficient appliances. By implementing these technologies, businesses can significantly reduce their energy consumption and subsequently lower their utility bills. In addition to the financial benefits, adopting energy-efficient devices demonstrates a company’s commitment to sustainability and sets a positive example for others in the industry. As more businesses embrace these alternatives, the market for energy-saving solutions continues to grow, leading to further innovations and cost-effective options for all. It is undoubtedly a win-win situation, benefiting both the environment and the bottom line.

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Explosion Proof Lighting

The explosive worldwide demand for energy is responsible for rising energy prices, tight energy supplies and the growing anxiety about climate change. This is creating irreversible market forces that will reward businesses and military base contractors that take the initiative and reduce their energy consumption and penalize those that wait.

Illuminating A Modern Industrial Setting is Easier Than Ever

Thanks to LED lights, you can easily illuminate your modern industrial area. Not only can you light your locations cheaply and quickly, but you can also do it with a minimum of setup cost. Plus, powering LED lights costs far less than incandescent lights and fluorescent lights. Disposing of the bulbs is far easier, and you have a wide range of choices and variety when it comes to lighting options. This variety and choice is not limited to basic warehouse lighting. You can power everything from your industrial post light fittings to your emergency lights, and it is far easier and cheaper than any of the alternatives you have dealt with in the past.

Multi-Directional, Bright and Powerful
There is this silly misconception that if you use LED lights, then they are not going to be powerful enough to do the job. Nobody wants a Christmas tree light on top of their industrial post light fitting. Yet, modern LED lights come in every brightness range. Plus, with the use of multiple LED lights in a single fitting, it is possible to have a very bright light, but also a very even light that has a more even drop off.

Using More And Costing Less
LED lighting has changed the way a modern industrial setting needs to be lit. In the bad old days, we had incandescent lights and fluorescent lights. They were very power-hungry, and so were often used to light larger areas. They were often set to be very bright and were placed in elevated positions so that they lit as much of a room as possible.
This had its benefits, especially if the industrial setting was in a larger open space. However, the big downside is that lights were costly, powering them was costly, and the higher up a bright light was, then the darker shadows were as you reached closer to the ground. LED lighting has changed all that. Instead of having massive and powerful lights in elevated positions, a modern industrial area can have several lights in a single area and can position far closer to the ground. This means that shadows are no longer a problem to the point where even the underside of the bottom shelves are illuminated. The combined cost of the LED lights is not as costly as the larger fluorescent or incandescent lights and powering the LED lights cost a fraction of what its alternatives cost.

LED Outdoor Lights


Are industrial settings really the place for solar-powered industrial lighting products? In truth, solar-powered lights are becoming more popular around the world, and not for the reasons you think. They do save on electricity bills and such, but the real reason is that they are so portable. Being able to move whole lighting sections from place to another without having to worry about power sockets and power transfers is a big plus for some companies. Here are a few areas you may like to research if you have an industrial setting that needs lighting.

Solar Powered LED Lighting Systems
These are typically similar to streetlights. They draw power through the day, and you can set them to come on automatically at night. They are often used for security and convenience purposes. It is handy having your industrial setting lit up at night, and the solar panels do a very good job of absorbing enough power through the day to ensure the lights stay on all night.

Solar Billboard Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting

Research shows that, on average, interior lighting accounts for 30 percent of a commercial building’s annual energy bill, and that implementing intelligent lighting controls can easily reduce the cost of interior lighting by 50 percent. However with the huge amount of lighting products available today, it’s imperative that you rely on an expert to help you make the right decision based upon your specific lighting needs. We install only the finest lighting products after thoroughly researching your needs. And we always stand behind our installation.

LED PROS WorldWide will provide a free comprehensive energy audit for your facility and create a detailed summary outlining areas for energy efficiency improvement. We will show you the monthly and annual energy savings for all energy efficient devices recommended as well as a return on investment (ROI) schedule for each recommendation helping you to choose the best options to maximize your investment. 

All you have to do is contact LED PROS WorldWide to determine the best energy efficient devices and start saving on your energy bill. It’s that simple.