LED T9 Circline lamps are designed for the replacement of existing incandescent, fluorescent, or CFL lighting systems. Improving on the important aspects of lighting – color, cost, and longevity, LED T9 circline lamps provide lighting at a fraction of the cost of T9 fluorescent bulbs. With an average life of 70,000 hours, there will be significant energy savings from fewer replacements over time.

This FC8T9 LED replacement easy installs into most commonly used T9 circular lamp system fixtures. The FC8T9 LED retrofit kit is an LED solution available in 13W and 18W, choose from Warm White (2700K) or Daylight White (5000K).

Are you continually replacing your circline fluorescent lamps? Replace with FC8T9 LED, save 60% and get 70,000 hours. Call for pricing toll-free 1-844-LED PROS (1-844-533-7767)

LED T9 Circline

LED T9 Circline

LED T9 Circline Dimmable

This FC8T9 LED replacement features Analog/Triac dimmimng system with High Output LED’s; Mercury free design, No radiated EMI interference;; High power factor; low THD internal driver; InstantON flicker-free Cold Start and Hot Re-Start; Up to 15 years Maintenance free operation; 5 Year Warranty. Available in 13W, 18W. Installation guide to installing T9 circle lamps. Prices start at $44



Step by Step Guide to Converting your T9 Circline fluorescent fixture to LED

These ring-shaped LED lamps are typically found in shallow ceiling, recessed and pendant ceilings as well as wall mounted fixtures. In addition, the energy savings of up to 60 percent can make a big impact over the life of the lamp. The frosted lens allows for an evenly illuminated glow resembling existing fluorescent tubes. The self-ballasted design allows for easy installation into most commonly used T9 circular lamp fixtures. LED T9 circline lamps with dimming system are ideal for use in Hospitality Lighting, School Lighting, Healthcare Lighting, Storage Lighting, etc.

Circular T9 lamps with analog dimming system are dependable circline replacement bulbs for commercial use in office work spaces and industrial applications. Lasting up to 10 times longer and use 4 times less energy than a T9 fluorescent or incandescent bulbs saving you money on your energy bill and replacement costs. Choose from wattages of 13 watts and 18 watts with lumen outputs up to 1440 and color tones of warm white (2700K) or cool white (5000K) for your lighting needs. These LED T9 Circline lamps with dimming system feature a frosted lens allowing for an evenly illuminated glow resembling existing fluorescent tubes.

The ideal ceiling light replacement with High Power LEDs with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 70 and Lumens per Watt > 75 backed by a 5 year manufacturer warranty.


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