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SimpleTube LED Installation Pics

SimpleTube LED Installation Pics. Presenting before and after pics of a SimpleTube LED installation at the Valley West Corner Store in West Des Moines, Iowa 

SimpleTube LED Installation Pics 

Before SimpleTube LED Installation – replacing old F72/T12 fluorescent bulbs
before pic1
 After Installation – SimpleTube LED Titanium
after pic2
NOTE: The unique LED optics and directional lighting characteristic of the SimpleTube LED laser focuses the light on the products in the center of the racks as well as the product on the ends of the racks. 


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DOE publishes a Caliper report and subjective study on LED PAR38 lamps – 19 Nov 2013

The US Department of Energy concluded that all 38 models of LED PAR38 lamps tested surpass halogen lamps in terms of energy efficiency. Subjective testing of some models by IES members determined that single emitters performed best.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has published two reports on LED PAR38 retrofit lamps including an updated quantitative Caliper report on the lamps and a subjective report on light quality in which lighting designers rated various products. The Caliper report is an addendum to Report 20 in the DOE Caliper series that was initially issued in 2012, and the addendum covers six additional lamps and three additional benchmarks focused on the performance characteristics of the LEDs. The subjective report has been called Caliper 20.1 and covers the evaluation of beam quality, shadow quality, and color quality by lighting professionals.

LED PAR38 Lamps

Both of the new publications are focused on PAR38 solid-state lighting (SSL) productsLED PAR38 Lamps pictured nearby. The DOE focused on the PAR38 lamp because of the widespread popularity of that form factor in the PAR family of lamps. In actuality, the Caliper 20.1 report is the first of four additional reports that will focus on various aspects of PAR lamp performance with flicker/dimming, stress testing, and lumen/chromaticity sub-reports yet to come.

The addendum brings the number of PAR38 lamps being tested by the DOE in Round 20 testing to 38, and concludes that all of the products offer better energy efficiency than halogen lamps. Moreover, the report states that the LED PAR38 offerings now include lamps that span the broad range of beam angles of similar lamps based on legacy sources, ranging from 8° to 64° patterns, and offer the color quality attributes needed to replace the halogen incumbents.

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LED Pool Lighting has become the industry standard: The reason is efficiency. Today’s LED fixtures (LED stands for light-emitting diode) are designed to produce the same amount of light as a 500-watt incandescent bulb, for example, while drawing no more than 75 watts, a fact that many building codes dictating wattage per square foot of pool surface are just starting to embrace by specifying lumens output instead.

That each LED bulb costs roughly twice what traditional alternatives cost should not serve as a deterrent, according to Greg Fournier, of Hayward Pool Products’ project management team. “The reason that people want to do this is they’re looking at payback on their investment, normally in less than two years,” Fournier says. “They’re putting in new technology that really pays for itself.”

LED lighting has become a full-fledged aquatics industry movement. 

Adds Jim Drozdowski, sales manager for institutional pools at Pentair Pool Products Inc., “The great thing about LED lighting is that you can save up to 86 percent of the energy costs without any compromise in terms of light intensity.”

Moreover, LED lights will likely outlive their counterparts tenfold — providing 20,000 hours of service versus 2,000. “One thing that a lot of people forget is the cost, the man hours, associated with relamping,” Crocker says. “Basically, to relamp the old type of fixture, a person has to get in the water with a screwdriver, unscrew the face of that thing and pull the lamp out. It would have enough extra cord in the housing that they could pull the lamp to the surface and then relamp it. The additional cost of an LED is negated the very first time you have to relamp an incandescent fixture.”

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Parking lot security lighting

Beginning in 2011, Green Energy Solutions, Inc adopted an Internet strategy to educate commercial businesses on new, high quality energy efficient devices. The following list celebrates our first 100 green energy customers and partners who purchased and installed energy saving devices such as; eCube (renamed eTemp), ARCTech Pro, SimpleTube LED cooler door lights, LED Lighting & Induction Lighting for cooler door lighting, retail lighting, high bay lights, warehouse lighting, auto dealer parking lots, security lighting, hangar Lighting for aircraft maintenance hangars. We are grateful to our first 100 customers and partners and look forward to introducing more energy efficient devices which not only save you energy and money but also give your businesses the cutting edge over your competitors.

Business Name Location Client Product
LE Electric Las Cruces, NM Bryan Eichelberger SimpleTube
 IKEA West Covina, CA Adam Eggehorn  eCube 
 D and J Convenience Store Mobile, AL Chris Schwartz SimpleTube
Intégration TRAVSA  Trois-Rivières, QC Jacques Marchildon SimpleTube 
 Filling Station Council Bluffs, IA Jake Jones    SimpleTube
 Champion Beverage Tunnel Dr Warren, OH Jeff Waldeck  SimpleTube 
 LC Construction Doylestown, PA  Lee Cox  SimpleTube
 Pantry One Food Mart Woodlynne, NJ Maunik Patel SimpleTube 
 Phil’s Fish Market Moss Landing, CA Dennis Tomsic SimpleTube  
Snow’s IGA Mercer, WI Randy Snow SimpleTube 
Globe Food Mart Miami, AZ  Ray An SimpleTube 
Four Season’s Market Brimley, MI  Ron Holden  SimpleTube 
One Stop Food Store Palmetto, FL Sanjit (Sam) Dalsania SimpleTube 
Marathon Springfield, OH Swarnjit Pannu SimpleTube 
The Gateway Liquor Center Bellingham, MA  Tony Khoury  SimpleTube 
Yesco Denver Denver, CO  Dylan Arnold SimpleTube 
Dr. Juan A. Arias Ancón, Panama  Dr. Juan A. Arias ArcTech Pro 
Bernardi Electric Chelsea, NY Alex Bernardi SimpleTube 
Restaurant San Antonio, TX Andy H Tay SimpleTube 
Petro Mart  Milwaukee, WI Aziz Abdul Khaliq  SimpleTube 
Gilberts Mobil Gilberts, IL  Bill Roberts SimpleTube 
Food Mart Inc New Milford, CT Bob Patel SimpleTube
Youngs Family Market  Laurelville, OH  Brad Young  SimpleTube 
Fast Break Stores, Inc. Lathrop, MO  Brian Harris  SimpleTube 
Freedom Electric Little Canada, MN Chad Howard SimpleTube
Birdneck Food Mart   Virginia Beach, VA Daimesh Patel SimpleTube 
Cayce Mill Supply  Owensboro, KY  Dale Braden  SimpleTube 
Sierra Vista Electric, LLC  Berthoud, CO  Dan Cantu  SimpleTube 
Sam’s Food Market St. Petersburg, FL  S. Ebadi  SimpleTube 
Perrault’s Market  Escanaba, MI  Dave Perrault  SimpleTube 
Branch Ave Liquors  Temple Hills, MD  Dinesh Patel  SimpleTube 
Ida’s Tavern  Wisconsin Rapids, WI  Doug Johnson  SimpleTube
Tate & Hill Inc Richmond, VA  Erich Wilson  SimpleTube 
Ideal Lighting  Omaha, NE  Fred Corbino  SimpleTube 
Spot Spirits & Dscnt Tobacco   Waverly, NE  Gary Eastep  SimpleTube 
Gasket Guy  Daphne, AL  Gerald Barrow  SimpleTube 
Holley’s Solo  Starr, SC Henry Holley  SimpleTube 
Frontier Spirits  Westfield, WI  Jeff Kleist  SimpleTube 
Joel Lopez  Phoenix, AZ  Joel Lopez  SimpleTube 
Carniseria El Paso  Aurora, IL  Juan Calvo  SimpleTube 
Stop N Go  Bend, OR  Kizer Couch  SimpleTube 
La Gran Via Meat Market  Providence, RI  Mario Hernandez  SimpleTube 
Pantry One Food Mart  Woodbury, NJ  Maunik Patel  SimpleTube 
Pantry One Food Mart  Halethorpe, MD  Mayur Patel  SimpleTube 
International Asian  Market  South Daytona, FL  Ah Hng  SimpleTube 
Interstate Cenex  Beach, ND  Paul Ridenhower  SimpleTube 
Monterey Lakes Recreation C Bradley, CA  Randy Korsgaard  SimpleTube 
Handee Marts, dba 7-Eleven  Gibsonia, PA  Rick Seguin  SimpleTube 
Royal Liquor & Smoke  Reno, NV  Savinder Singh  SimpleTube 
Roadrunner Petro Inc  Vallejo, CA  Soroush Hajian  SimpleTube 
Efficient Electric  Oshkosh, WI   Todd Healey  SimpleTube 
B Town Wine + Spirits  Boulder, CO  Yvan Lehuerou  SimpleTube 
Westy’s One Stop Mount Venon, SD Barb Johnson SimpleTube
Northern Lights Electrical Newport, WA Bill McCaw SimpleTube
The Service Professor Greenville, MI Brad Krause SimpleTube
Refrigeration HV & AC Wethersfield, CT  Dimitrios Stergiotis SimpleTube
Quick 1   Maryland Hts, MO  Dominque Foulon  ST & T8 LED 
 US Fish & Wildlife Service Tok, AK  James Ellis  Hangar
Arrowood Wild Sides Antigo, WI  Jamie Arrowood  SimpleTube 
One Stop Liquors Bellevue, KY  Jeff Fischer  SimpleTube 
Moddersville Store Wilson  Falmouth, MI  Jerry Wilson  SimpleTube 
Ancona’s Market  Ridgefield, CT  Joe Ancona  SimpleTube 
South Dixie Truck Sales Inc Palmdale, FL  Joe Skrine  SimpleTube 
AM PM  Shelton, WA  John Mahoney  SimpleTube 
Carrier Corp  Chatsworth, CA  Kari Liekko  SimpleTube 
Mckeon Electrical Services  Brielle, NJ  Ken McKenon  SimpleTube 
Ed’s IGA Supermarket  Snowflake, AZ  Kipp Peterson  SimpleTube 
Kamdar Plaza  Chicago, IL  Kishor Kamdar  SimpleTube 
Hopkins Deli  Baltimore, Md  Lucky Singh  SimpleTube 
Super Gas  McMinnville, TN  Mona Patel  Canopy, T8 
Paul O’Leary Construction  Goldcreek, MT  Paul O’Leary  Hangar 
Peters Liquors Keg Depot New Brunswick, NJ  Peter Chedid  SimpleTube 
Runion Energy Solutions Inwood, WV  Philip Runion  SimpleTube 
Grantsville Shop’N Save  Grantsville, MD  Ray Schurg  SimpleTube 
Rapson Refrigeration, Inc.  Bad Axe, MI  Rod Rapson  SimpleTube 
McNiel Electric Co  Peralta, NM  Steve McNiel  Parking
Clintonville Community Market  Columbus, OH  Karen Hanson  SimpleTube 
Steven Phillip Bethel, VT Steven Phillip ARCTech
BP Crivitz, WI Terry Hock SimpleTube

Low-cost energy efficiency retrofits offered for PG&E commercial customers

LAKEPORT, Calif. – Lake County Energy Watch has a program for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) commercial customers in Lake County to help improve energy efficiency and save money.

The Energy Fitness Program offers low-cost lighting retrofits for customers whose electrical demand is 200 kW or less per month.

These retrofits are available to small businesses, non-profit organizations and special districts, as well as city, state and federal facilities located in Lake County.

The retrofits include four- and eight-foot linear fixtures, high bay fixtures, light-emitting diode (LED) refrigeration case lighting, gas station canopy lights, ENERGY STAR compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), LED open signs, vacancy sensors, vending machine controls and faucet aerators, as well as additional LED and other cost-effective measures.

All of these measures, including energy-efficient lighting upgrades, are available for nominal copay.

In a letter of support for the Energy Fitness Program, Fire Chief Willie Sapeta wrote, “On behalf of the Lake County Fire Protection District, we would like to extend our appreciation for the assistance with enrolling my district into the Energy Fitness/Energy Watch Program. We received new, efficient lighting components at each of our facilities, which replaced 25-year old technology lighting. The new lighting provides a crisper, brighter and safer environment to work in. We also look forward to the going green aspects of the new lighting to do our part in contributing to a greener workplace.”

Lake County Energy Watch received assistance from PG&E to pay nonprofit organizations’ copay for lighting retrofits available through the program.

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GSA Tests Energy-Slashing Technologies To Deploy In 10,000 Federal Buildings

The GSA announced this week that trials of workstation lighting controls and advanced power strips dramatically reduced electricity use in federal buildings. The agency also announced plans to test an additional dozen energy- and water-saving technologies this year as part of its Green Proving Ground program.

The banality of its name doesn’t hint at the importance of the GSA’s mandate and influence. The GSA is the largest owner of commercial real estate in the United States; it owns and leases 9,600 buildings nationwide. If the GSA were to unleash the full potential of federal procurement across its portfolio, it would expand the market for sustainable technologies.

The Green Proving Ground complements these efforts by leveraging the GSA’s extensive real estate portfolio to undertake real-world testing of promising energy- and water-saving technologies. Innovations that reduce operating costs and meet the sustainability goals outlined by President Obama for federal agencies (more on this below) are deployed by the GSA. Technologies proven effective in earlier rounds of Green Proving Ground testing, for instance, are being installed as part of building retrofits funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Here are results from the GSA Green Proving Ground trials released this week:


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SimpleTube LED cooler door lighting

“Wawa was looking to reduce energy costs through various ways at our locations,” said Scott Boorse, Wawa’s energy and petroleum operations manager, who spoke exclusively to CSNews Online. “One of the tools we identified was to utilize LED lighting in our cooler boxes. We had done some tests and discovered that LED lighting would reduce our cooler box lighting costs by about 70 percent. And since LED lights last a long time, we felt our maintenance costs would also decrease.”

For the consumer, Boorse noted that LED lighting is more attractive than its traditional counterpart and “provides an overall better lighting environment for the customer.”

Saving money on operating costs is a huge boon to any convenience store operator. However, the customer also needs to like what he or she sees to make the new lighting system successful. Boorse said Wawa’s customers definitely like what they’re seeing, and he noted that feedback took place even before shoppers got their first glance at it.

“Store associates immediately noticed a difference the day following the installation,” the energy and petroleum operations manager recalled. “I can only remember positive comments about [the new LED system]. I don’t think we had any negative comments from store associates or any customer issues.”

More specifically, Boorse relayed that during intercepts, Wawa customers commented that the LED system made colors “truer, brighter and made things pop.”

“For example, the blue color of Gatorade really pops,” he said. “And the silver color of cans of Coke, Pepsi or another brand really sparkle when the light hits them. Also, consumers said everything [on the beverage] was clear and easy to see and read.”

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New Jersey has been spending about $1.3 million a month for energy efficiency improvements at small businesses, schools, and municipal facilities through the Direct Install program.

Energy Efficiency Projects In New Jersey 

Between May 2010 and September 2012, the state paid more than $37.7 million for more energy-efficient lighting, refrigeration, heating and air conditioning, and other items, according to data from the Board of Public Utilities. Nearly 1,600 companies and government bodies participated in the program, which works out to an average just shy of $25,000 apiece. The grants, which cover 70 percent of the cost of the work, range from as little as $229 for a small Montclair business to $259,000 for nine township-owned properties in Middletown.

Typically, businesses are eligible for Direct Install if their peak demand did not exceed 150 kilowatts in any of the prior 12 months. And many local governments are also eligible. A contractor will evaluate a property and then recommend and install new equipment, including lighting, occupancy sensors, programmable thermostats, and other energy-efficient gear. The customer is liable for 30 percent of the installation costs, but should also benefit from annual energy savings.

According to the BPU, clean energy measures last an average of 15 years. Each dollar invested saves the typical home owner $4 and the typical industrial client $11. Between 2001 and 2010, the state’s Clean Energy Program will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 34 million metric tons.

Direct Install, which began in September 2009, is one of a number of clean energy programs funded by the Societal Benefits Charge paid by every utility customer. The SBC costs the average residential customer $56 a year in electrical charges and $51 in gas fees. Between 2001 and 2010, some $1.2 billion has been spent in support of the state’s Clean Energy Program, according to its website.

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Energy efficient rebates, green energy rebates and energy saving rebates for business, residence, school, non-profit,organization Federal, State, Local governments or utility listed by State

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