Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Low-cost energy efficiency retrofits offered for PG&E commercial customers

LAKEPORT, Calif. – Lake County Energy Watch has a program for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) commercial customers in Lake County to help improve energy efficiency and save money.

The Energy Fitness Program offers low-cost lighting retrofits for customers whose electrical demand is 200 kW or less per month.

These retrofits are available to small businesses, non-profit organizations and special districts, as well as city, state and federal facilities located in Lake County.

The retrofits include four- and eight-foot linear fixtures, high bay fixtures, light-emitting diode (LED) refrigeration case lighting, gas station canopy lights, ENERGY STAR compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), LED open signs, vacancy sensors, vending machine controls and faucet aerators, as well as additional LED and other cost-effective measures.

All of these measures, including energy-efficient lighting upgrades, are available for nominal copay.

In a letter of support for the Energy Fitness Program, Fire Chief Willie Sapeta wrote, “On behalf of the Lake County Fire Protection District, we would like to extend our appreciation for the assistance with enrolling my district into the Energy Fitness/Energy Watch Program. We received new, efficient lighting components at each of our facilities, which replaced 25-year old technology lighting. The new lighting provides a crisper, brighter and safer environment to work in. We also look forward to the going green aspects of the new lighting to do our part in contributing to a greener workplace.”

Lake County Energy Watch received assistance from PG&E to pay nonprofit organizations’ copay for lighting retrofits available through the program.

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