T8 LED 4FT lighting in 4 foot lengths is an ideal replacement lighting for retail stores, office buildings, hospitals, schools, warehouses, etc. Replace old, inefficient T12 and T8 fluorescent bulbs with the energy efficient T8 LED. Update your ceiling and canopy lighting with LED T8 4FT tubes.

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LED T8 Tubes

LED T8 Tubes 4ft by James

The James Magic T8 LED tube can work with specific T8 electronic start ballast. This T8 tube also can work without ballast and wire directly to AC100-277V input. up to 2500 lumens @ 20W; Suitable for dry and damp environments; DLC listed;  Available in 13W, 15W, 18W, 20W. (MOQ 30 pcs/Case). Prices start at $16

LED T8 Tubes


T8 LED 4FT. Linear Tubes

Featuring 360 PCS High Output LED’s; Up to 15 years Maintenance free operation and a 5 Year Warranty. DLC listed; Up to 2704 lumens @ 26W; see Beam Angle GuideAvailable in 20W 26W. Prices start at $22.


T8 LED 4FT Linear Tubes Dimmable 

featuring a frosted lens allows for an evenly illuminated glow resembling existing fluorescent tubes.  Dimming controlled with a standard Analog Dimmer. Available in 20w, 26w.


T8 LED 4FT Tubes High Output by Neptun Light

LED T8 Linear Tubes 4ft are ideal replacement lighting for 4ft fluorescent tubes most commonly seen in classrooms, medical buildings,office spaces, retail spaces and warehouse lighting.  Replacement of existing T12 fluorescent lighting. Available in 26W.


T8 LED 4FT Tubes Linear Retrofit Kits by Neptun Light

featuring 360 PCS High Output LEDs; designed for the replacement of existing T8 fluorescent lighting systems; The LED driver wires the same as Instant Start T8 ballasts for fast and easy installation. Dimming option. Available in 20W.  


T8 LED 4FT Tubes Direct Indirect Lighting by Neptun Light

Double sided optics for direct / indirect lighting systems. Available in 20w, 26w, 32w.



T8 LED 4FT Tubes High Output 347VAC Compatible by Neptun Light

Features self-ballasted design; High Output LEDs with > 100 lm/w; Compatible with 120-347VAC power source used primarily in Canada. Available in 18W. (DISCONTINUED)

 T8 LED 4FT  

T8 LED 4FT Tubes 260 Degree Beam Glass Lens by Neptun Light

featuring 360 PCS High Output LEDs; 260° Beam optimizes fixtures with reflectors; Frosted non yellowing glass lens for even glow. (Glare Free). The beam angle of a lamp is the angle at which the light is distributed or emitted, see Beam Angle GuideAvailable in 18w. (DISCONTINUED)


T8 LED 4FT 260 Degree Beam Polycarbonate Lens by Neptun Light

featuring 360 PCS High Output LEDs 260° Beam optimizes fixtures with reflectors; Frosted non yellowing polycarbonate lens for even glow. (Glare Free). available in 18w. (DISCONTINUED)



























































    Features and Benefits

  • Long Life: 70,000 + hour lifespan exceeds even the highest quality fluorescent tubes
  • Extreme Efficiency: Over 80% more efficient than traditional fluorescent tubes
  • Instant Start at any temperature (-30 C to 75 C) or humidity conditions
    Various lengths available- 2ft., 3ft. 4ft., 6ft., 8 ft.
  • Flicker-Free Lighting: Eliminate eye strain associated with fluorescent lighting
  • Color Temperature: 3500k, 4100k and 5000k
    CRI 80+
  • Shatter-Proof Design: Will not break even if dropped
  • NO remote ballasts, equals even more energy savings
  • Mercury FREE: Allows the use of tube lighting when mercury contamination is not an option
  • Universal Input Voltage: AC 110~277V
  • No Radiated EMI Interference: Perfect for use where EMI sensitive instruments are used
  • Ideal product for hospital and office lighting applications
  • Cooler Door Lights – Refrigerated Case Display Lighting
  • Glare-Free(TM) – made with patented Meso-Lens(TM)
    Adjustable end caps allow bulb to be angled to desired optimum position
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 5 Year Warranty
    LED T8 Linear Tubes for retail stores lighting


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