Purchasing The Wrong LED Cooler Door Lights

SimpleTube LED Refrigerated Display Case Lighting System replaces fluorescent fixtures in vertical refrigerated and freezer food and beverage display cases in convenience and grocery stores. Convenience and grocery store owners know they need to replace traditional fluorescent lighting in their refrigerated display cases with LED lighting. Get SimpleTube LED Cooler Door Lights

LED Display Case Lighting Benefits

  • Reduced Energy Costs: LED systems emit less heat, which means the refrigeration compressor does not have to work as hard to remove heat as with fluorescent systems.
  • Improved Product Visibility: LED fixtures efficiently direct the light where it is truly needed and illuminate shelves in a more uniform manner.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: A five-year warranty and an estimated 50,000-hour useful lif can dramatically reduce costs associated with maintenance over the product lifetime.

Purchasing the wrong LED product could be a costly mistake. This is why Green Energy Solutions, Inc and utility companies are working to promote programs that will mitigate this risk and help convenience and supermarket store owners select quality LED products appropriate for their applications.

Continuing technology improvements to LEDs have helped make some products a more cost-effective energy-saving option. Appropriate applications for LED products include areas with long operating hours, difficult maintenance requirements, or directional lighting needs. Some examples include replacing recessed can downlight, HID parking garage and pole-mounted fixtures, and task lighting systems

As with any technology, not all LEDs perform equally. In the case of emerging technologies especially, some time will pass before a level of consistently high performance can be achieved across the industry. Recent tests conducted by the Department of Energy revealed that some LED products did not meet manufacturers’ claims and some were no more efficient than conventional light sources.

SimpleTube LED cooler door lights, a superior LED product from a well-established LED manufacturer.


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