Retrofit your walk in cooler door lights for refrigerated coolers and freezer cases and save energy with the new LED walk in cooler door lights from American Bright. also you may consider ceiling mounted LED Cooler Lights for inside walk in cooler and freezers.


Supermarkets, Convenience Stores and Gas Stations can save energy and display your beer, wine, deli and other products in truer, brighter colors by replacing inefficient T-12 lamps with the new SimpleTube LED Walk In Cooler Door Lights. Now featuring the new and improved for 2014, the SimpleTube Titanium. Brighter and even more energy efficient. See SimpleTube Titanium LED Cooler Door Lights spec sheet. 

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All models of Reach-Ins coolers and freezers can be retrofitted quickly and easily, providing you with an efficient, visually appealing LED walk in cooler door lights that will last 10 or more years.

SimpleTube LED cooler door lights in North Carolina
SimpleTube LED in North Carolina

LED refrigerated case lighting, C-Store, NC

The patented SimpleTube LED walk in cooler door lights has a unique internal driver, thus eliminating the old magnetic or electronic ballast. NO external power supply. Saving you even more money by substantially reducing your maintenance costs.

SimpleTube walk in cooler door lights provides retailers with the lowest energy cost, the brightest illumination and the truest color. Other benefits include:

  • Retrofit for fluorescent lamp 4ft, 5ft and 6ft
  • Energy efficient & long life. Excellent durability with 10 years plus lamp life 
  • Input power: 120VAC  
  • Ballast-free, remote power supply-free. 
  • Built-in LED driver, no bulky heat sink or external power supply 
  • Greater energy savings with optional dimmer 
  • User-friendly installation. 
  • Lower carbon footprint, no mercury 
  • CRI: > 84 
  • 6-year warranty on LED lights 
  • Excellent durability with 10+ year lamp life 
  • Rebates available in many area 

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New SimpleTube LED walk in cooler door lights have been optimized for even illumination across every shelf, even on difficult-to-light narrow and tall reach-ins and walk-in doors. The better your merchandise is illuminated, the more product you will sell.

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