Phase-out of Fluorescent Magnetic T12 Ballast

Convenience store and supermarket store owners looking to re-lamp their walk-in coolers are finding that the old, inefficient magnetic ballasts phase-out compels C-store operators to entertain more efficient alternatives to T12 fluorescent cooler door lighting. Federal efficiency standards regulating fluorescent magnetic T12 ballasts have entered their final phase, effectively eliminating these ballasts from the market, with few exceptions. Starting in 2005 through 2010, efficiency standards created by Department of Energy regulations phased into effect, covering magnetic ballasts for F40T12, F96T12, and F96T12HO lamps

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Furthermore, on July 14, 2012, recently enacted DOE regulations will take effect that will also eliminate the T12 lamps. The new DOE rules expand on efficiency rules established by the Energy Policy Act of 1992 by strengthening standards for covered lamp types while also covering 8-ft. T8 lamps, 4-ft. T5 lamps and more wattages of 4-ft. T8 and T12 lamps. The net result, with few exceptions, is a majority of 4-ft. linear and 2-ft. U-shaped T12 lamps, many 8-ft. T12 and T12HO, and some low-color-rendering 4-ft. T8 lamps will be eliminated.

LED Lighting is the ideal solution for walk-in cooler door lights

LED replacement lamps for walk-in freezer/coolers and open refrigerated shelves at retailers including convenience stores, grocery stores, gas station grocers and drug stores. LED lights are proven to lower your electric bill, reduce maintenance, increase merchandise sales and helps the environment by energy savings that substantially reduces a store’s carbon footprint. Have you ever paid for a relamping or replaced the ballasts only to see your walk-in cooler door lights dark after only a few months? Install LED lights and you will trouble-free operation for 50,00 hours, almost 12 years of zero maintenance. 

LED lighting or T8 LEDs

LED lights are long-lasting, are dimmable, no remote drivers or ballasts, no bi-pins that will fail after 10,000 hours, have a 5 year warranty and qualify for many utility rebate programs. Yes, LED lights cost more than T8 LEDs, but in life the real thing often does. Don’t be fooled by the low cost. Upgrade one time to SimpleTube LED, specifically designed for refrigerated and freezer display lighting. SimpleTube is a superior product from a well established LED component manufacturer and luminaire manufacturer backed by a patented product and an industry best warranty.











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