PG&E LED Rebate Program Update

Efficient Refrigerated Case Options (ERCO) Program Updates


ERCO still has incentive funding available for the remainder of 2012. To lock in projects at the current incentive rates, sales must be completed by December 31st, 2012 and submitted online within 30 days at

Beginning on or after January 1st, 2013, ERCO will roll out a new incentive structure for an exciting list of expanded Case Lighting categories! Program updates are planned to include:

  1. New incentives for horizontal LED case lighting!
  2. Added incentives for lightbars controlled by occupancy sensors!
  3. The current $/per door will shift to a $/foot incentive rate

The timing of these changes depends on the regulatory approval of PG&E’s new programs, but we will notify you as soon as we have more information.  You can expect another email towards the end of the year which will summarize the new incentive rates and the timing of the changes.

As a reminder, here are the qualifying product categories and incentive amounts good for sales through December 31st, 2012:

Product Category

Incentive Amount

Premium LED Case Light replacing 6’ Fluorescent

$100 per door

Standard LED Case Light replacing 6’ Fluorescent

$75 per door

Premium LED Case Light replacing 5’ Fluorescent

$65 per door

Standard LED Case Light replacing 5’ Fluorescent

$45 per door


PG&E LED Rebate Program Update

Pacific Gas & Electric Company and Energy Efficiency 

PG&E is a nationally recognized leader in energy efficiency; delivering programs and services for over 30 years to businesses and residences throughout Northern California.  By helping customers reduce energy use and costs, we have also lessened our impact on the environment and reduced our dependence on fossil fuels and capital outlays for power plants.  PG&E recognizes and supports the many programs and delivery channels that exist for customers to better manage their energy use and implement energy efficiency opportunities.

Visit for more information and a list of pre-qualified products, or contact:

Mike Faria, Program Manager                       Joey Lande, Program Implementer

510.316.5753                                                  510.482.4420 x248                                   

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