Lighting Retrofits and The Cost of Doing Nothing

What if I suggested that if you invested $500 now, it would save you $2000 in 5 years, and $5000 in 10 years? Of course, you would make the investment. But the concept would seem kind of incredible, almost too good to be true. Yet it is true and the savings can be found at your business while making adjustments to something as basic as lighting. It is possible to save every time you do something as simple as turn on the lights and all you have to do is use less wattage.

Energy Efficient Devices

For example, an older 4-lamp T12 fixture uses about 150 watts and if the lights are on 12 hours a day that fixture will cost you about $70 per year. Now multiply that by the number of fixtures at your business. The cost adds up and quickly gets expensive.

By reducing the amount of wattage used and exchanging the old lamps with new T5 technology, it would save 60% of the total cost. The new fixture will cost only $30 per year and in 5 years the total savings will be over $200 per fixture! The savings add up quickly. Upgrading your fixtures with the T5 Retrofit Kit can capture enough energy savings where the kits will pay for themselves within 12-15 months. In some states where rebates are available the payback is as little at 6 months! Remember, the savings will only be accomplished if the initial investment is made. You have to spend some money to upgrade the technology, so long-term savings is possible.

Imagine how your business could profit by making such minor changes as using more energy-efficient light bulbs! Instead of being overly worried about bringing in less income, you’re focused on the money you’re saving! It’s important to stop spending recklessly, invest your company’s value and do something because the cost of doing nothing is just not affordable anymore.



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