Light Up C-Store Beverage and Frozen Food Sales

Light Up C-Store Beverage and Frozen Food Sales

SimpleTube LED lighting system are a brighter, more energy-efficient way to light up C-store beverage and frozen food sales. Designed for new installations as well as retrofit of existing fluorescent systems in refrigerated display cases, they offer improved product visibility and presentation with a lower cost of ownership. The SimpleTube (ST) LED cooler door lights for refrigerated display cases are an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and low-maintenance solution that looks good from any angle.

light up C-store beverage and frozen food salesBetter product visibility

Replacing walk-in cooler door fluorescent lamps with a SimpleTube LED lighting system can offer dramatic improvements in product presentation and visibility. Traditional fluorescent systems fail to illuminate where it matters most — the merchandise at the center of your shelves. The SimpleTube LED lighting system benefits from two decades of experience in LED technology and optics design. The SimpleTube modules are specially designed for refrigerated and frozen cases and to distribute light uniformly across display case shelves, effectively eliminating shadows and hot spots. Furthermore, the unique optic design of the SimpleTube LED light is optimized to focus on cooler door merchandise, rather than throwing light unnecessarily into the store aisle. Also, the module’s slim profile is not directly visible outside of your display case.

LED coler door lights have minimal output degradation and color shift so the light remains consistent throughout their long service life. In addition, there is no warm-up time, which allows the system to be turned off and back on again as needed

SimpleTube LED cooler door lights, a superior LED product from a well-established LED manufacturer and luminaire supplier.


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