LED Retail Lighting Systems

LED Retail Lighting Systems

Convenience store, supermarket and grocery store owners are seeking LED retail lighting systems for their store indoor and outdoor lighting. The first area of major concern is the refrigerated and freezer case display lighting. With the elimination of the T12 fluorescent lamps is prompting many retail store owners and managers to find a solution to the lighting problems for their walk-in and reach-in coolers and freezers. Many are relying on contractors, electricians and the Internet, to help determine the best fixture available.

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LED retail lighting systems 

Generally, most store owners are looking at the initial cost of the LED upgrade and not giving weight to the many factors associated with an LED refrigerated case lighting upgrade. So I have gathered material from several sources to help identify what you can expect from investing in an LED retrofit project. The analysis and conclusions are intended to show how a short ROI (return on investment) is achieved by replacing out-dated fluorescent tubes in your walk in coolers with solid-state lighting technology, LED.

What’s Important

First, when it comes to lighting, what is really important to a c-store or grocery store owner? Well the right quantity of light is of foremost importance. Well lighted merchandise is critical to sales. Most DesignLights Consortium (DLC) rated LED fixtures maintain 90% to 95% of their initial light output over their life, so the store remains bright and attractive even as the fixtures age.

Second, the right quality of light – Visual comfort (no glare) and color are two important aspects of the quality of light. Lighting must minimize color distortion to allow mixing and matching of merchandise. The higher the Color Rendering Index (CRI), the more natural and normal colors appeal. Today we highly recommend higher color temperatures (5000 K) to deliver the perception of brightness as light levels are reduced. Look for very high color rendering LEDs of (80+).

Thirdly Reduced total cost of light – Many retailers think that cost of light means the purchase price of the lamps. In reality, the lamp purchase represents only a small fraction of the overall cost of light — energy usage is the biggest expense. Upgrading the lighting system with energy-efficient lamps can save thousands of dollars each year in electricity costs.

Good lighting is good business When a store improves its lighting, it improves its bottom line. For every dollar spent on the cost of light, 80-88 cents of that dollar is spent on electricity. It makes good sense to invest in the cost-efficient, energy-efficient lamps. By saving electricity, you save money.

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