LED Refrigerator Case Light Retrofit Advantages

LED refrigerator case lighting fixtures are designed to replace traditional fluorescent lighting fixtures in vertical refrigerated and freezer display cases in Convenience and Grocery stores

Convenience and Grocery store managers know they need to replace traditional fluorescent lighting in their refrigerated display cases with LED cooler door lights. Why? Because of the many LED refrigerator case light retrofit advantages:

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LED Refrigerator Case Light Retrofit Advantages



Cost-effective replacement for fluorescent lights in convenience and grocery store refrigerated display cases.

But what company and what product can deliver a total cost-effective LED lighting solution? Green Energy Solutions, Inc and SimpleTube. The Winning Combination for Convenience and Grocery Stores with advanced LED refrigerator case lighting.

Convenience and Grocery store managers know that replacing standard fluorescent lighting in refrigerated and freezer display cases with LED refrigerator case lighting is the RIGHT thing to do, but is it cost-effective? In other words, what’s the Return on Investment (ROI) for performing this retrofit? 

SimpleTube Slimm LED Refrigerator Case Light









LED Refrigerator Case Light Retrofit Advantages

1. Energy Savings up to 80%

First, there are the energy savings gained by retrofitting with LED refrigerator case lighting. Operating on as little as 16 watts of energy per refrigerated display case door, reducing light energy consumption by up to 80% compared to standard fluorescent fixtures.


2. Additional Energy Savings

And then there’s the additional energy savings gained from a SimpleTube retrofit. The major contributor is reduced compressor load due to the lower operating temperature of LED walk in cooler door lights compared to standard fluorescent display case lighting. In terms of reduced load on the compressor, SimpleTube saves 876 kWh compared to T12HO fluorescent lamps and 717 kWh compared to T8 fluorescent lamps.

3. Lower Maintenance Costs

Reduction of maintenance costs is yet another benefit to retrofitting with SimpleTube LED refrigerator case lighting.

Examples include:

  • 55,000-hour LED life vs. 16,000-hour fluorescent life
  • No lamp replacement for 10+ YEARS!
  • Reduced maintenance of ballasts, lenses and sockets
  • No exposed lenses to crack or break
  • Durable construction protects the LED fixture

Also included in lowered maintenance costs is the reduction in disposal costs. Fluorescent lamps contain mercury and are considered “hazardous waste” by the EPA. LED fixtures do NOT contain mercury and are RoHS compliant.

 4. Utility and Government Rebates

The utility company and government rebates can be key ROI components that make the retrofit project very cost-effective. But collecting and understanding all of this rebate info and applying it to the ROI calculation can be frustrating and time-consuming for Convenience and Grocery store management.

That’s why LED Pros will perform a detailed ROI calculation including researching and supplying specific utility and government rebates available in your geographic area. One last point about energy rebates – they are in place today, but may not be in the future. Waiting to perform a LED fixture retrofit could mean that you miss your rebate opportunity.

One Massachusetts-based wholesale club was able to reduce its ROI from 2+ years to less than 18 months by participating in the MassSave rebate program sponsored by regional utilities.


The Bottom Line – A Fast ROI

In many instances a very attractive return on investment (ROI) of 18-20 months is attainable! Regions of the country with high utility rates and/or aggressive rebate programs can enable retailers to reduce the ROI to less than one year!

Additional SimpleTube Benefits

LED refrigerator case lighting retrofit includes these additional benefits: 

  • Merchandise is presented in a more visually appealing manner using SimpleTube LED refrigerated case lighting. 
  • High Color Rendering Index (CRI) – reds are red, blues are blue 
  • Optics put the light where it will do the most good – on the products!

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