LED Light Fixtures

“I am impressed with the lower energy bills I’d get with the new LED cooler door lights, but I’m not sure we can afford it” 

This is the question most convenience store owners ask the most often when contemplating any lighting retrofit, “can I afford it?” Here are a few points to consider.  As mentioned previously, by federal law, T12s won’t be manufactured after July 14, 2012 because of their high energy use. From a financial standpoint, now is the perfect time for a LED lighting retrofit. Why? Many utility companies offer rebates as an incentive to remove the energy inefficient T12s and replace them with the energy saving LED cooler door lights.


Again because T12s won’t be manufactured after 2012, you eventually won’t be able to find replacements for burned-out T12s. So the bottom line is: You’ll have to replace your T12s eventually and this is the most cost-effective time to do it. That’s not only because of electric company rebates but also because you’ll start reaping the benefits of lower electricity costs and higher-quality lighting sooner. And based on typical convenience store use (14 hours per day), the new LED walk-in cooler door lamps will last up to 10 years before you need to replace them.

In this economy, putting money into improving your business’s energy efficiency is one of the best investments you can make. The businesses that make energy-saving investments are expected to earn a 50% average annual rate of return over the lifetime of their new, efficient equipment. It’s tough to imagine other investments with such solid return potential. Another good reason to take energy-saving actions now is a simple fact that waiting is expensive. In other words, deciding to do nothing is like volunteering to pay higher energy costs than necessary, month after month.

Savings also come from locating and aiming your cooler door lights in a way to illuminate only where you need them. With that kind of sensible lighting design, it’s possible to actually reduce the amount of lighting you’ll need to buy. That means a lower initial cost and lower utility bills. See the SimpleTube angle design

A LED lighting retrofit is a great example of a wise investment. Replacing T12  fluorescent lights with SimpleTube LED cooler door lights would reduce lighting-energy costs by as much as 80%. When sales are dropping or leveling, it makes solid financial sense to reduce operating expenses, like utility bills, instead of passing rising costs on to customers. And, unlike many other actions designed to increase revenue, such as expanding business hours or services, efficiency improvements don’t need to come with permanently higher expenses, like increased payroll.

In addition to energy savings, efficiency upgrades carry other benefits that can have a positive impact on your bottom line. LED efficient lighting can reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Lighting upgrades with SimpleTube LEDs can improve comfort for customers, who may want to shop in your store longer and return more often. A more pleasant store environment also can improve staff morale and productivity while literally putting products in a better light. And some consumers are attracted to businesses that show a commitment to the environment by reducing energy use.


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