Induction Lighting Retrofit

Energy savings are realized immediately upon the installation of new efficient Induction Lighting because of the lower power consumption. Induction lamps consume only 50% of HID (Metal Halide, High-Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapor), and fluorescent lamps

Maintenance Savings – What is the cost of lighting system maintenance when work is suspended to change out ballasts and lamps? (especially in those hard to reach locations) Induction Lighting can help you minimize maintenance costs in terms of its long life. In many cases, the total maintenance costs will often exceed energy savings!

Longer Life – Induction Lighting amps last 5 to 10 times longer than the outdated, inefficient light sources and exceed 100,000 hours of rated lifetime (that is over 22 years of 12 hours of ignition per day). For you, this means re-lamping costs can be virtually eliminated.

Color Perception – A high color rendering index (CRI) of greater than 85 combined with a 5000k (“natural daylight”) is crucial to visibility, safety, and comfort.

Heat Factor – Induction lighting generates less heat and substantially reduces ambient inefficient heat loss. Your refrigerated compressor and building air conditioning will cycle on and off less frequently.

Re-Strike – Induction Lighting features instant re-strike without warming up, a big plus for safety and security.

Cold Ignition – Induction Lighting is a preferred light source for cold storage and outdoor lighting applications in cold areas. Performing at temperatures of -40 degrees C (-20 degrees F)

Flicker and Glare – associated with HID and fluorescent lamp is completely eliminated with Induction Lighting. Resulting in improved productivity, readability, eyesight. No more headaches

Noise – No humming or buzzing sounds with Induction Lighting. Achieving a comfortable environment for staff, vendors, and customers alike.

Utility Rebates – Many utility company rebates are offering higher incentives when replacing HID with Induction Lighting.

The many benefits of Induction Lighting combined with a short ROI make this “next generation” technology the best replacement light for your retrofit project.


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