Induction Lighting FAQ

Q: What is the induction lamp system and how does Induction Lighting work?

A: The induction lamp system uses a revolutionary technology of light generation that combines the basic principles of induction and gas discharge. Void of electrodes this new technology delivers an unprecedented 100,000 hours of high quality white light.

Q: Why Induction Lighting?

A. Induction lamps offer an amazing 100,000 hours life making it virtually maintenance free. It offers crisp white light with 80+ CRI and a choice of 3000K, 4000K, 5000K color temperatures. The high CRI light makes colors look brighter, more vibrant and more attractive. It produces up to 80 lumens of light for each watt of energy. This 80 LPW efficacy makes it as energy efficient as high CRI metal halide systems. Induction lamps offer high reliability and instant on and off. With less heat output.

Q. Do I need to remove the old existing ballast?

A. Yes.

Q. Are Induction Lamps instant on and is the hot restrike instant?

A. Yes. The lamp turns on instantly and produces between 75% and 80% of full output immediately. The lights take between 90 and 180 seconds to reach 100% of light output depending on the model of the lamp. The warm-up cycle is barely noticeable to the eye. If the lamps are turned off and then immediately turned back on the benefit of the Induction Lamp turns them back on immediately when the power is restored

Q. Will an Induction Lamp work with a motion sensor, dimmer control, photo cell or time clock or relay control?

A. Yes

Q: Is the light output of an induction lamp affected by low temperatures or high temperatures?

A. The lamp’s amalgam fill technology and the heat conduction rod in the center create stable light output over a wide range of ambient temperatures, maintaining at least 85% of nominal lumens from -30° F to 130° F (for an enclosed

Q: Why is induction lighting technology worth more?

A: Induction lighting systems offer five to ten times the life of HID systems for only two to three times the cost of the HID lamp and ballast. In almost all cases the payback in maintenance savings will more than offset the additional cost of the initial system


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