Benefits of LED Lighting in C-Stores

Benefits of LED Lighting in C-Stores: Energy Efficient. Compared to traditional lighting sources, LED lighting is extremely efficient, using between 40% and 70% less electricity. This translates into a significant reduction in annual energy costs for convenience stores and petrol C-stores. This efficiency expands energy capacity, allowing more demand without expanding production.

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Benefits of LED Lighting in C-Stores: Long Life

Highly efficient LED light modules last many times longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. LEDs emit a steady stream of light without generating excess heat present in incandescent bulbs, resulting in a long, steady operational life.

Benefits of LED Lighting in C-Stores 

Benefits of LED Lighting in C-Stores: Low Cost of Ownership

Considering that traditional lighting sources have a built-in annual maintenance cost and consume considerably more energy, LED lighting represents a tremendous saving in the annual cost of ownership. Numerous rebates and incentives are also available to further offset the costs of LED lighting retrofits and upgrades. e.g. convenience store and petrol c-store operators looking to replace T12 lamps in refrigerated and freezer cases can tap into utility rebates for LED refrigerated display case lighting upgrades. Note (These rebates are NOT offered for installing T8 LEDs.)


Benefits of LED Lighting in C-Stores: Environmentally Friendly

High-efficiency LED light modules require only a fraction of the carbon output generated by traditional light sources. LEDs also contain no lead and are mercury-free. Dramatically longer replacement intervals also mean less waste and impact on landfills. Remember with high-efficiency LEDs there are no ballasts or remote drivers needing constant replacement. High-efficiency LEDs are built with internal drivers.

Energy-saving LED cooler door lights for grocery and convenience stores can save energy and make your store brighter.


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