Auto Mall Replaces 1,000w Metal Halides with Induction Lighting

Auto malls and car dealers are embracing energy efficient LED and Induction Lighting for their outside lighting for car lots and parking. Auto malls are an energy-intensive industry, with dealer parking lot lighting consuming about 110 kBTU per square foot, compared to prime office space at 93 kBTU. Many studies  exist online where an auto mall replaces 1,000w metal halides with Induction lighting.

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Auto Mall Replaces 1,000w Metal Halides with Induction Lighting

Retrofitting your parking lot lights can save you up to 40% on energy costs. Car Dealerships that retrofit often see the largest of savings due to the number of exterior fixtures. Induction light fixtures produce the same amount of usable lumens (light) as Metal Halides or HPS and only use about 50% of the electricity, which means that as soon as the poles are retrofitted the auto dealer will see an immediate drop of about 50% in their electric bill the next month. 
Auto Dealership exterior lighting is used to illuminate both facilities and inventory. Given the quantity of exterior lighting in most dealerships, the potential for cost savings can be great.

To improve the efficiency of exterior lighting: Install Induction Lighting systems for lots and facade lighting. Generally, induction lighting systems are preferred over metal halide because of the long life, 100,000 hr rated life expectancy, the industry best 10-year warranty and they render colors better, improving the appearance of the inventory.

They also have a lamp life of 100,000 hrs. or approx. 20 years (If they are on 12 hours/day/ 365 days a year). Compared to MH or HPS lamps, which have an average life of 15,000-24,000 hours, Induction parking lot light fixtures will have significantly less bulb and ballast changes resulting in substantial maintenance savings

The typical savings on converting a 1000 watt Metal Halide to a 400-watt Induction lighting system can be as much as 60%.1000 watt Metal Halide fixtures are typically found at new and used car dealerships, in mall parking lots, indoor and outdoor athletic facilities.

However, if you don’t want to purchase a whole new fixture and want to reuse the existing one, another option is to use two-200 watt rectangles side by side which fits inside a 23″ shoebox fixture.

When considering whether to replace with new induction fixtures are retrofit the existing fixture with an Induction retrofit kit or LED retrofit kits here are a few questions.

1. How high is the fixture?
2. How long has the fixture been in use?
3. Is the fixture providing direct or indirect light?
4. Is the fixture lens in good condition or is it yellowed/browned or rusted

The lens may be unusable causing a significant amount of light loss. Also, the fixture may be so badly degraded that the fixture may need to be replaced and a retrofit may not be possible.

If the fixture is in good condition and above 30′, then a 400w Induction retrofit kit or 400w LED retrofit kits are suitable replacements.

Many local utility companies offer rebates for replacing HID fixtures like Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) with Induction Light (IL) fixtures. In many cases, the rebate amount for Induction lighting is double the amount given for the newer Pulse Start Metal Halide lamps.

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