What Is Surge Protection

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Surge Protection and surge protectors. Lightning has become a growing threat to our highly electronic society. Most people think of lighting surge protection or whole house surge protection. But the ARC Tech Pro is designed to provide continuous protection of valuable electronics, equipment and appliances in the home AND at the workplace. The ARC Tech Pro Residential and Commercial series are helping to protect against lightning surge and power surge and improve the energy efficiency of:

Homes and Apartments

Condo Associations

Commercial Buildings and Office Suites



Manufacturing Plants and Small Industrial Plants

Municipal Utilities


The ARC-TECH PRO series combines electrical circuit efficiency with Surge Protection. This is a highly reliable and affordable solution to protect electronics, computers and valuable files while improving energy efficiency in the home and the workplace.

The users of electronic equipment and telephone and data-processing systems must face the problem of keeping this equipment in operation in spite of the transient overvoltages induced by lightning. There are several reasons for this fact (1) the high level of integration of electronic components makes the equipment more vulnerable, (2) interruption of service is unacceptable (3) data transmission networks cover large areas and are exposed to more disturbances.

Transient overvoltages have three main causes: 


Industrial and switching surges

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

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