Top 10 Reasons Why SimpleTube

Here are the top 10 reasons -features and benefits – on why SimpleTube LED refrigerated display lighting system is a superior solution over T8 LEDs and other LED strips

SimpleTube advantages over T8 LED Tubes and other LED cooler door lights

  1. Patented internal driver – no remote transformers or drivers to buy, install or maintain.
  2. SimpleTube has a unique “triangle shape” engineered with designed optics that laser-focus the light vertically and horizontally in equal measure to give full illumination to the right side and to the left side
  3. Directly wires into 120 VAC – user friendly installation
  4. Color temperature is 5000k (simulates daylight) with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of > 80 equates to superior visual appeal resulting in increased sales
  5. Six year manufacturer warranty from a well established LED manufacturer
  6. Dimmable with electronic dimmers
  7. Proprietary special shield to eliminate glare associated with cooler doors and lighting
  8. Rated for 55,000 hours
  9. DLC and Utility Company approved. PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, etc.
  10. Low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) levels. (SimpleTube Slimm series)


SimpleTube Slimm LED cooler door lighting










You can install SimpleTube with confidence and you will be glad you did for years to come. See how a SimpleTube retrofit impacts your bottom line with increased sales, energy savings and maintenance savings. Call me today.


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