The Green Benefits of LEDs

Spotlighting the Green Benefits of LEDs

Traditional electric lights continue to give off more heat than light. An incandescent light bulb uses a paltry 10 percent of its energy to create light. Fluorescent lighting — which has been the green standard in energy efficiency — still wastes nearly half of the electricity it consumes in generating heat. All of this lost energy is significant considering that lighting devours more than a quarter of a typical commercial building’s electricity, as reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. 

LED, or light emitting diode, fixtures, in comparison, are twice as efficient as fluorescents at converting electricity to light and hence generate very little heat. In addition to improved energy efficiency, LED fixtures are nearly maintenance-free and provide high-quality of light. They are also dimmable, contain no mercury and tolerate frequent on/off switching without degrading their lifespan.

LED Case Studies

Since UCSF Medical Center replaced some of its surgical lighting with LED fixtures, doctors and nurses no longer complain about the heat from the light fixtures when performing surgical procedures.

“Previously we had to chill the OR [operating room] to offset the heat generated by the old fixtures,” UCSF Project Manager John Lewis explained. “The new LED lights do not radiate heat and the OR medical staff is comfortable at standard OR temperatures.”


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