T5 LED Tube Lights

T5 LED Tube Lights are high-performance direct replacement lamps for T5 fluorescent lighting systems. Featuring standard T5 pins (G5 Base); a LED driver that wires the same as Instant Start T5 ballasts for fast and easy installation; 360 PCS High Output LEDs; 120-degree beam angle and a most efficient >100 per watt lumen output. The T5 lights are made to replace the traditional T5 fluorescent lights, all T5 LED lights are the same tube diameter – about 5 1/8 inches. You can now replace the old fluorescent T5 lights with the new LED tube lights without buying additional equipment. LEDs and LED Driver have a rated system life of 70,000 Hrs and come with a 5-year warranty. 

Are you continually replacing your T5 fluorescent lamps? Replace with LED tubes and get 70,000 hours system life. Call for pricing toll-free 1-844-LED PROS (1-844-533-7767)

T5 LED Tube Lights

T5 LED Tube Lights

T5 LED Lights

featuring 360 PCS High Output LEDs; external LED Driver for 1 Lamp or 2 Lamp systems; 4ft LED T5 retrofit kits – 45.8″ in length for direct replacement of T5 fluorescent bulbs; up to 1,850 lumens; Available in 18W.

LED lights are widely used as Office Lighting, School Lighting, Healthcare Lighting, Storage Lighting. LED T5 tubes provide better luminosity with wattages as low as 18w in a frosted non yellowing polycarbonate lens for even glow. These multi-voltage tubes run directly off any voltage ranging from 100 volts to 277 volts, including 120 volts, 230 volts, 277 volts.

Available in your choice of Warm White, Natural White, Cool White. LED T5 tubes do not contain toxic mercury like their fluorescent counterparts. Broken fluorescent lights are a health concern, and in some areas regulations even require special disposal.


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