Learn how a commercial grade solar street lighting system and energy efficient off grid solar powered lighting systems can meet your lighting needs today and for the future. Stand-alone solar powered lighting for municipal, GSA & commercial pathways, residential streets and rural roadways. Whether you need a high-powered solar street lighting, or solar parking light fixtures, these cost effective systems are designed to meet a wide range of solar lighting applications. These systems come complete with a solar panel, solar battery and your choice of a 80 watt or 100 watt solar compatible LED street light fixture.



Solar Street Lighting System

Solar Street Lights 70Ah-LFP-24VDC-Battery-Pack-System Polycrystalline-Solar-Panels













LED Solar Street Lighting System includes a Polycrystaline Solar Panel, LED Street Light Fixture, and long-life LFP Battery System with Charge Controller. This off grid operation eliminates many of the high costs associated with standard lighting installations. No expensive trenching, transformers or meters required. 

The Solar Panel and Charge Controller system allows for dusk-to-dawn operation with no monitoring needed. Neptun’s exceptional LFP battery storage system allows for over 30 hours of use without a single recharge.

Applications:Street Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, Security Lighting, Pathway Lighting

Available in 80w, 100w. Click here for 80w cut sheets and 100w cut sheets 


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