Solar Panels

Polycrystalline solar panels used for outdoor solar lighting feature a design ensuring a high-yield, long-term performance for every module produced. With a high module efficiency up to 15.85%, the solar panel can be used in a variety of applications along side Neptun’s solar compatible lighting fixtures and battery systems. Applications: Street Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, Billboard & Sign Lighting, Parking Garage Lighting and Building Accent Lighting.

Incredible off grid operation

Save energy on solar panel kits to generate your own energy and solar lighting.Solar panels are the central component in any solar power system. Also known as photovoltaics, or PV, panels, this energy efficient device absorbs sunlight and converts that light energy into electricity that you can use for your commercial and industrial lighting. For applications where utility lines are not available, not desired, or just too expensive to bring in, off grid solar kits are the ideal solution.  

Solar panel lighting systems are ideal for low energy demand areas and remote locations without power or where it is too expensive to run electrical lines. Combined with advanced Induction and LED lighting, optics and intelligent controls, solar panel lighting systems for commercial applications can meet your lighting needs today and for the future.

Solar 24v Battery System available as a pole mount or free standing includes battery pack and charger for incredible off grid operation Our off grid solar lighting kits include all of the necessary components for a complete, quick and hassle-free installation, including:

High-efficiency solar panels, Solar panel mounting hardware, Batteries & Charge controllers, Induction / LED light systems

Why a Kit? Kits allow you to have a turn-key solution for quick and easy installation. If you need a custom off-grid solar solution, kits are good ways to get a general idea of what your system will cost.

 What’s in a Kit? Solar Panels these are best placed facing south. They can be mounted on a roof, on a pole, or on the ground in an area clear of shadows; Batteries are what store the power your off-grid system creates. This allows you to have power at night when the sun is down. Solar Charge Controller – Intelligent PWM Charge/Discharge Controller is optimized to extend the life of the batteries.


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