Solar Energy Contractors using KVAR Energy Controllers

Offering your solar power residential and commercial customers the KVAR Energy Controller will not only save money and energy for your clients, but also will elevate your business in their minds as the green energy consultant. Solar homes and energy saving businesses are looking to decrease their energy cost and demand and that’s exactly what a KVAR Energy Controller does.

“When my KVAR Energy Controller was installed, our electrician metered the amps being purchased both before and after the installation. I was totally blown away by the drop in amps with the KVAR Energy Controller. Since then, we have consistently been able to track about a 23% to 25% decrease in our electric bills compared to the same months in the previous year. Thanks for the savings!” Angelee B., Poway, California

The KVAR Energy Controller will reduce your energy bill by up to 20%; reduces heat so that motors and appliances last longer; acts as a power surge protector; lowers your carbon footprint; eliminates power factor charges; reduces greenhouse effect.

How the KVAR Energy Controller Works:

Household appliances and equipment with motors such as air conditioners, dishwashers, washers and dryers, pool equipment, refrigerators, freezers, spas, etc inherently waste energy. The KVAR Energy Controller saves energy by recycling and storing energy that would otherwise be wasted, reducing the amount of power drawn from your utility company and lowering your kilowatt usage. The KVAR Energy Controller for residents is installed at the main electrical panel on a dedicated circuit breaker.

How Do You Achieve Savings?

As the demand for power rises throughout your home, there is nonproductive current (heat) that strains the household’s equipment and wiring. This heat is wasted energy that you are paying for. The KVAR Energy Controller optimizes the power that comes into your home allowing your appliances and equipment motors to operate more efficiently. The KVAR Energy Controller eliminates wasted electricity, lowering your electric bill and increases the life of your appliances and motorized equipment, while saving you money.

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