Reach in coolers and reach in freezers are found in convenience stores, grocery, supermarket, gas station food marts, restaurants, discount variety stores, etc. Recently, we are receiving more inquires for LED lighting retrofit for reach in coolers and reach in freezers. Typically reach-in cooler doors are equipped with the older T8 lamps and electronic ballasts. 

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Reach In coolers


The rapid failure rate of electronic ballast due to the very cold temperatures of the reach in coolers and freezers is causing many store owners and contractors to look for a better solution. Retrofitting the cooler lights of reach ins with the SimpleTube LED lighting system is proving to be a better alternative. With it’s unique, patented integrated driver, small footprint, easy installation and very durable design, the SimpleTube answers several of the issues confronting contractors when evaluating replacement lights for reach in coolers.

Store owners with reach-ins can expect maintenance savings as as result of the much longer life of the LED lighting fixture. The advanced SimpleTube LED is rated at more than 55,000 hours compared to less than 20,000 hours for a standard T8 fluorescent lamp. With the elimination of the ballast, another high maintenance device is forever removed from the maintenance budget of reach in coolers. Backed by a six year manufacturer warranty, an industry best, you can see why many store owners, contractors, maintenance personnel, etc are so excited about SimpleTube LED.

Additionally energy savings can be realized once the heat generating electronic ballast is replaced with solid state lighting, the SimpleTube LED. With less heat generated, the compressor now cycles on and off less, thus reducing the store’s energy usage.

 Reach in Coolers and Reach in Freezers

Reach In Coolers

Finally, the ease of installation.  Using direct 120 VAC input eliminating the need for a bulky power supply in reach in coolers. The ballast-free SimpleTube has a patented internal driver which makes it remote power supply free. 

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