Price Match Guarantee, We Match Competitors – We are happy to match any similar online competitor’s current advertised price on premium LED cooler door lights and refrigerated case lighting. Send me the written price quote including any sales tax, delivery etc. and we’ll match it!


We’re committed to providing you with the best experience possible, every time you shop for premium LED cooler door lights and other premium commercial grade lighting products. 

LED Cooler Door Lights Comparison – When comparing the SimpleTube LED cooler door lights against other lights, we suggest you use the DesignLights Consortium – qualified products list as a reference. With so many Chinese manufacturers dumping their 1st generation lighting (2008 or older) models on the market, it’s critical that you make a buying decision based on a product whose performance, quality; brightness claims etc. are verified and tested by an independent 3rd party. 

Price Match Guarantee


SimpleTube LED Cooler Door Lights – 
The state-of–the–art lighting solution for refrigerated and freezer display cases not only outperforms traditional fluorescent lighting, but also lowers utility bills and eliminates maintenance issues!

the SimpleTube Slimm is available in a wide range of color temperatures and lengths to meet the needs of all existing and future refrigerated display cases. SimpleTube LED cooler door lights spec sheets



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