LED T8 vs T8 Fluorescent Lumens

The Department of Energy (DOE) recently issued a report on LED T8 vs T8 Fluorescent Lumens. This updated study noted that “Almost all the LED products performed better than fluorescent fixtures in terms of efficacy. In this test, a few of the lamps exceeded 90 lm/W but none of the lamps had a CRI above 77 and no lamp emitted more than 2000 lumen”

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In terms of energy savings, 22 of the 31 LED lamps tested drew less than 20W, providing a 38% savings relative to a 32W T8. Some LED lamps provided little or no energy savings. Most (84%) of the LED lamps featured a power factor above 0.90.

LED T8 TubesFourteen of the 31 LED lamps met the DLC QLC criteria for CCT and CRI. Half of the 31 LED lamps had a CRI below 80 and the other half exceeded 80, with one lamp reaching CRI of 90. A color temperature in the range of 4000K was desired, but not all manufacturers offer this product so 4 lamps had CCTs above 5000K

In summary, DOE testing found these LED lamps to exhibit improved performance relative to previous Caliper tests. Some of the latest LED lamps performed comparably to fluorescents in terms of efficacy, color quality, and power quality. However, none of the LED products could match the luminous intensity distribution (omnidirectionality) and only a handful provided comparable lumen output. Although the performance of T8 LED lamps has improved significantly over the last year,manufacturers still need to improve the lumen output in order to compete directly with 32W T8 fluorescent tubes. In terms of color temperature, CRI, efficiency, and power factor, many of the LED lamps compete well with the fluorescent benchmark.

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