LED Sign Lighting

LED sign lighting for cabinet signs illuminates your brand and location, day and night with high-output T8 LED linear tubes. Also commonly called “wall” or “box” signs, cabinet signs are a traditional form of illuminated signage. Cabinet signs allow for an effective way of utilizing large copy area and eye-popping graphics and are a cost-effective answer to many signage applications. 

LED Sign Lighting
SignStorm Sign Tubes
Brand: Beyond
Ideal for Both single-sided
and Double Sided Signs;
Replacement for Conventional
T12HO and T8HO Fluorescent
Lamps for Sign Applications;
6500K;  Prices start at $11.


LED illuminated sign cabinets are modern and brighter signs that attract more attention and deliver you more business. These signs are highly visible day or night and dramatically showcase your brand and location, day and night. LED box signs are energy-saving sign solutions that save you money while protecting our environment.

Want your sign bright, replace with LED sign tubes

Outdoor LED sign lights use super bright LEDs to internally illuminate cabinet signs for building facades such as restaurants, small businesses, churches, schools, etc. Using a 360 degree beam angle and 5000k color temperature, making these high output T8 LED linear tubes ideal for outdoor signage. Learn how LED Sign Lighting saves on annual energy costs when compared to traditional fluorescent tubes. Instant on, no ballast, no mercury, no flickering, and no buzzing, ever again.

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