LED Retrofit For T12 Fluorescent Lamps

As the July 2012 phase-out date for old, inefficient T-12 fluorescent lamp rapidly approaches, many store owner and managers are comparing the alternatives for retrofitting their walk-in cooler doors and freezer case doors with LED retrofit for T12 fluorescent lamps. An LED retrofit for T12 fluorescent lamps, although more costly initially, is the best solution overall. Yes, replacing the T12 lamps with T8’s or T8 LEDs is the least expensive retrofit for a C-store, petrol food mart or a grocery supermarket. But is it really?

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Well, the common belief in the lighting industry, is that solid-state lighting is the future for many if not all lighting applications. The smart business owner who understands the technology, the benefits and where the industry is going will not settle for the stopgap or “cheaper” option represented by T8 lamps or T8 LEDs. This business person will question the wisdom of paying for two retrofit projects in the span of 3 to 5 years, when you can invest in one LED retrofit for T12 fluorescent lamps – good for the next 10 to 12 years!

The market is flooded with T8s and T8 LEDs with promises of upgraded lighting, etc for cheap. The major drawback to retrofitting with T8s or T8 LEDs is the additional maintenance costs of replacing the compatible electronic ballasts. The newer electronic ballasts have a much higher failure rate and are more expensive. Your local electricians certainly appreciate the extra business resulting from the routine failure of every two or three years of the more expensive electronic ballasts – primarily due to low temperatures in the cooler and freezer cases. Additionally, there is not one utility company offering any rebate or incentive to replace T12 cooler door lamps with T8, T5s or LED T8 Tubes. New for 2013 – High Output T8 LED tubes

With some very attractive utility rebates and incentives for replacing T12 lamps with LED refrigerated display case lighting, now is the ideal time for a LED retrofit. Utility company rebates and incentives range from $25 a door to as much as $100 a door for a premium LED cooler door light. 

SimpleTube LED Refrigerated Display Case Lighting 

SimpleTube Slimm LED Refrigerated Display Case Lighting









The SimpleTube energy efficient and long life LED replaces shorter life and higher maintenance T12 and T8 fluorescent lamps. Standard lengths are 4′, 5′ and 6′. Uses direct 120 VAC input (230 VAC available). Eliminating energy wasting ballasts and drivers. User friendly installation. Industry best 72 month – 6 year – warranty, rated life of 55,000 hours. CRI > 80. No mercury, No UV rays. All with a special shield to eliminate glare associated with cooler doors and light. Compatible with motion sensors for On/Off/Dimming.

Green Energy Solutions, Inc (GES) has thoroughly researched LED refrigerated display case lighting. We firmly believe that SimpleTube is the best premium, high-performance LED Retrofit For T12 Fluorescent Lamps in refrigerated and freezer cases.. The quality of the LED lights, the strong construction, the unique design, the best in class warranty, the listing by many Utility companies rebate program and the price make the SimpleTube best solution for all owners and managers looking to upgrade from fluorescents to LED


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