LED Lighting Improves Store Sales

LED Lighting Improves Store Sales

How does the proper lighting quantity and quality increase sales in your walk-in cooler and freezers? Optimized LED lighting improves store sales in refrigerated case lighting by attracting your customers to the convenience store and supermarket departments and walk-in cooler and reach-in cooler displays. Proper display case lighting establishes visual cues and guides customers along preferred routes. Lighting facilitates the customer’s ability to locate departments and items and thereby triggers impulse and seasonal sales

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LED Lighting Improves Store Sales




















Note: First visual impression occurs within the first 12 -15 feet of entry into the space. LED lighting entices a potential customer into the c-store or grocery market, to departments, and to products guiding customers along preferred routes or traffic patterns that trigger impulse or seasonal sales

Increase store traffic – LED lighting makes an image statement, creating an impression about the image and price range which enhances the shopping environment and creates the proper atmosphere for driving sales

Increase store traffic – Creating a dynamic visual impact is certain to grab your shopper’s attention, directing your shopper to targeted beer, wine, soft drinks, dairy, deli, frozen food, etc. Also, LED lighting produces a visually-lively atmosphere exhibiting clean, bright spaces

Increase store traffic – LED lighting enhance product noticeability and establishes light levels and brightness variations to match merchandising 

With increased store traffic, LED lighting improves store sales

Improve store sales – LED lighting helps your food shoppers evaluate merchandise and in turn makes the merchandise look appealing and easy to examine. Details and colors of refrigerated displayed merchandise should look natural. Utilize cool color temperatures (5000k) and high CRI (80+) to minimize distractions and glare

Optimized LED lighting fixtures have been shown to trigger impulse sales and aid in the sale of merchandise. Laser-focused LED light modules serve to motivate shoppers to buy and promote spontaneous and repeat sales.


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