LED Lighting Cost vs. Efficiency

Lighting the way toward energy efficiency

Many convenience stores and petrol c-stores are implementing LED lighting systems to reduce installation costs, provide cooler operation and lower energy costs. Using LED for exterior and interior lighting is proving to be a wise investment for many in the convenience store business. The advantages of LED lighting outweighed the increased investment of the fixtures. For example, a standard canopy with metal halide lighting installation will cost about $8,000 and a similar installation with LED will cost around $12,000. However, the benefits of LED over Metal Halide are many:

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• Minimum 100,000 hour life expectancy while maintaining 70% of initial light output levels, compared to 20,000 hours with diminished light levels of 50%

• Energy consumption reduced by up to 65%

• Dramatically improved light levels

• Virtually maintenance free

• 5 year warranty

One other terrific benefit of installing LED lighting is the immediate cost savings on installation labor. The LED wiring is much simpler wiring, requiring smaller gauge wire due to lower amperage, resulting in less labor to install and maintain.

Green Energy Solutions, Inc, your partner in saving energy offers LED Lighting System with longer lasting (50,000 hours) and cooler running lights for brighter and more economical merchandising. Additional benefits include no mercury in fixturess and no UV rays to degrade products along with more sparkle on the products.

The results of a LED lighting retrofit are lower installation costs with equal distribution of light. LEDs lighting provides excellent product highlights, cooler operation and lower energy costs, making the initial investment a very smart move.


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