LED Cooler Freezer Door Kits

LED Cooler Freezer Door Kits are shipped complete and with all necessary components. With the recommended SimpleTube, there is no remote ballast/transformer to purchase and maintain. Each SimpleTube LED cooler freezer door kits are designed with an internal power supply.

LED Cooler Freezer Door Kits

LED cooler lights run on direct 120V AC line power thus not requiring an external power converter or ballast. Then there are the additional energy savings gained from an LED retrofit. The reduced compressor load due to the lower operating temperature of LED walk-in cooler door lights compared to standard fluorescent display case lighting. Also, as a result of the removal of the inefficient heat-generating lamps and ballast, you can expect your store A/C to cycle on and off less frequently

The unique 60-degree angle design assures laser-focused, brilliant light is directed on your product. No light is wasted on the door glass, on the ceiling or on the floor. Your beer, soft drinks, deli, and frozen food products are displayed to maximize impulse purchases.  

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