Reducing energy consumption by providing patented power factor optimization

The KVAR power factor correction devices reclaim, store and supply power to inductive motors and loads. Considering all induction loads consume two kinds of power: Reactive power and working power of kilowatt. The working power performs the work of the motor. The only function of reactive power is to develop the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to ground the induction windings of the motor. The KVAR EC™ stores the reactive power needed to create EMFs within the inductive loads.


NOTE: This product is discontinued and replaced with the ARC Tech Pro

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As the motor operates, this reactive power is ‘pulled and pushed’ to and from the KVAR EC™ by the motor. The KVAR power factor correction device stores and releases what the motors need to function more efficiently. This unique approach serves to reduce the heat generated on the lines and also reduces the strain placed on all the electrical components

Commercial applications for our KVAR Energy Controllers (KVAR ECs™) range from malls, hotels, resorts, casinos, supermarkets, bowling alleys, schools, universities, warehouses, large buildings, convenience stores, eateries, restaurants, cold storage, hardware stores, department stores, as well as other major commercial properties.

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