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Just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the EC™. I was so amazed to find that my bill had gone down an incredible amount, from $213 to $37. I cannot wait to see my next bill! I will do everything possible to inform others of this AMAZING device. My entire family is getting one installed in their homes and businesses! 

Current Charges: $213.49 Current Charges: $37.68
Bill Period: 4-14-09 to 5-14-09 Bill Period: 5-14-09 to 6-15-09
Billing Days: 30 Billing Days: 32
Total kWh Consumption: 1,014 kWh Total kWh Consumption: 291 kWh
kWh per Day: 33.8 kWh kWh per Day: 9.1
Steve F., San Diego, California
Centex Homes (Southeast Florida Division) has recently installed the EC™ unit on our Emerald Bay Model at our premier community in Wellington, Florida. Our decision to install the EC™ unit was based on a need to reduce power consumption at our model. I was present at the installation which took a total of fifteen (15) minutes. Although not required, our electrical contractor installed the EC™ unit. We conducted a timed test of the revolutions of the FP&L electric meter and found, after a few mathematical calculations, that a reduction in power consumption was at six (6) percent. This is a significant savings when you consider that our model air conditioners run twenty four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week at a lower cooling temperature than a typical residential housing.
David S, Warranty Manager
I wanted to follow up with you on the EC™ that you but on my house over a year ago. Since installation of the unit we have seen a consistent 10-12% decrease in our monthly electric bills. We are seniors on a fixed income so every little bit helps in cutting back each month. I wanted to say thank you for your efforts and would recommend the system to anywone who pays an electric bill.
John S., La Jolla, California
The power consumption in my home has been drastically reduced since installing the EC™. My last three bills were down from an average of $130 per month to $93, $73,and $77 for FEB 08 MAR 08 and APRIL 08 and is currently on schedule for about $77 for the current month half way thru the month of May. I installed the EC™ in Feb 08. My home is over 30 years old and has a three year old A/C compressor and a 7 year old heating unit. I have several neighbors who have decided to put one on their house after hearing my results. I am anxious to see what savings they will get also!
Bill W., Chula Vista, California
I had the EC™ installed at my 2500 sq. ft. residence in Yucca Valley, CA in mid-August of 2007. My first bill after installation was over $100 less than the previous bill. The next bill was the first one that was entirely on the EC™ versus the same billing period last year, I used 29.69% less units of energy. That’s a lot of savings! With the economy being the way it is this year, the EC™ may be the best financial decision I’ve made all year.
Stephen A., AFG Realty
“My EC™ unit was installed in June 1st, 2008. From June to December 2007 my kWh was 18,611. My consumption for the same six months in 2008 was 13,238 kWh for a reduction of 25423 KWH and a savings of $601.20 or 28%. At this rate I have paid for my PU 1200 in six (6) months. Thank you!”
Angelee B., Poway, California
When my EC™ was installed, our electrician metered the amps being purchased both before and after the installation. I was totally blown away by the drop in amps with the EC™. Sense then, we have consistently been able to track about a 23% to 25% decrease in our electric bills compared to the same months in the previous year. Thanks for the savings!
John W., San Diego, California
EC™ ARE RELIABLE and PROVIDE ROI As you will recall we installed one of your units on a large air handler motor along with the recording meter several years ago for testing purposes. The data obtained was instrumental in making major electrical new construction design changes which has since saved the organization many thousands of dollars on an annual basis. A consumer should easily save 10 to 12 percent of their electrical cost per unit on a monthly basis over an extended period of time by having your EC™ installed. I have had one of your EC™ on my home central air conditioning unit compressor for nearly 3 years with no problems.
R.D. Murphy.
Just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the EC™. The neighborhood I live in is all electric so my electricity bill is outrageous. I was really excited to try the EC™not only to lower my monthly electric bill but as a first step in going “green”. After the quick and simple installation I anxiously awaited the next months bill. I was so pleased to find that my bill had gone down substantially, from $406 to $238. I am excited to see my next bill! I would recommend this product to everyone, not only is it good for your pocket book it’s good for the planet!
Miguel C.,San Diego, California


So far, I’m amazed at how well the EC™ unit has worked to reduce our consumption of electricity. We saw a 19% eduction
on our first electricity bill after the unit was installed. I have to admit I had my doubts when we were first approached with this device. We had the benefit of our Operation Manager’s son being an electrician. We had him review the specs for this device and he agreed that it looked legitimate. So far our results have shown this.
Mike F., General Manager Central Beer Distributors, Inc. Mosinee, WI
I am extremely satisfied with the results from your EC™ energy saver. I appreciate your concern with how the units have been working and monitoring its working ability. Our electric consumption speaks for itself. We have been saving 15% on our three main A/C units which are five tons each. During the spring, summer and fall these units run 12 to 18 hours a day. On our pool pumps (4 at one horsepower each) we are saving 10% in electricity. That 10% saving occurs 24 hours a day.
I would recommend this device to anyone concerned with saving money on their electric bill.
Mark E. Applegate, CHA, General Manager – Palm Plaza
Original Power Factor: 82%, Power Factor after EC™ unit 100%, Annual cost per year before EC™ unit $1.82M, Annual cost per year after EC™ unit $1.66M, Annual savings: $157K, Total Percentage saved: 9%, Return on investment at 5 months
Florida Water, Daytona, FL
“The EC™ unit was installed on the chiller at Chickasaw Elementary. Prior to the installation of the EC™ unit , Chickasaw was experiencing problems with their chiller. The chiller could not load up without tripping the circuit breaker. Amperage readings showed the current was too high for the circuit breaker and it was determined that a new service was the only way to correct the problem. Green Electric Solutions went on site and found the chiller operation at 84% efficiency. They used their equipment to bring the chiller up to 100% efficiency. The amperge went from 195 to 165 making the current breaker at circuit size large enough. Since then we have been monitoring the electric consumption at Chickasaw and have found enormous savings…I feel that the installation of their equipment would bring big savings district wide.”
Orange County Public Schools
“Finally, we have a way to fight against the never-ending prices increases of our electrical provider. We have seen substantial reduction in our electrical consumption since you installed the cost-savings EC™ unit . Thank you.”
Anheuser-Busch Distribution Facility, Delaware
“EC™ unit will save you Energy Costs. Businesses that use the EC™ unit will realize substantial savings to their monthly electric bills. The EC™ unit reduces your heat generation, amperage usage, and will eliminate your power factor penalty charge. It causes less waste of electrical energy while increasing the life of your inductive equipment. It protects against power surges and increases the capacity of the electrical panel by making it run cooler. All EC™ unit are backed with a comprehensive warranty.”
Detroit Edison Energy
” I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the results I am seeing since I had since I had the EC™ unit installed at my restaurant. The unit was installed in November 2008. On my December 2008 electric bill I saw a 13% savings; I saved $106.81 in electric costs. I received my January 2009 electric bill and the savings were 16% which amounts to $135.86 in savings. In the two months I have had the EC™ unit installed I have saved $242.67 in electric costs. At this rate my return on investment will be about 6 months. I am very pleased with the savings I am experiencing and highly recommend the EC™ unit to anyone who wants to save on their electric costs.”
The Greek Grill, Vienna, VA
I just wanted you to know that the EC™ unit I purchased for my convenience store is making a significant difference regarding my utility bills. After initial purchase my bill dropped $300. The additional unit I purchased for my home is also showing positive results. There appears to be a $100 difference (reduction) in monthly bills relative to the prior year.
Jim H. Knight, JH Knight and Associates, Inc. Knight’s Swifty Mart
I am very satisfied with my EC™ unit which you installed on November 7, 2008. My first month’s electric bill went from
$1,001.60 to $714.64. This is a 28% reduction in my electric bill. Wow ! I am encouraging my clients to take advantage of these energy- savings. I also feel good about helping the environment. Thank You Brian – You are providing a very important and beneficial service to people. Thank You,
Ralph Escandar, Owner Miami Flex Gym
Thank you so much for recommending the EC™ unit for our print shop. We were glad that the Energy Controller manufacturers guaranteed a 10% savings on our utility bill. But we are delighted to report that in the last 2 months, we have saved almost 20% on our utility bill. The unit will not only pay for itself in a couple of months, but will save us money in the future.
Thank you again,
Frankie Allen, President, Durra Quick Print
EC™ SAVES $60.00 FIRST MONTH I wanted to follow up with you regarding the performance of the EC™ unit I installed in my office back in September of 2008. I used virtually the same amount of energy in September that I did in August and saw a savings on my utility bill of nearly $60 the following month. At that rate, the EC™ unit will pay for itself in very short order. Thank you for taking the time to tell me about the EC™ unit . I am always trying to find ways to cut my costs and your solution has already helped my bottom line.
Lisa Newman, The Tuscan Agency, Sachse, TX 7504
EC™ WILL SAVE YOU COSTS EXTENDING EQUIPMENT LIFE Businesses that use the EC™ unit will realize substantial savings to their monthly electric bills. The EC™ unit reduces your heat generation, amperage usage, and will eliminate your power factor penalty charge. It causes less waste of electrical energy while increasing the life of your inductive equipment. It protects against power surges and increases the capacity of the electrical panel by making it run cooler. All EC™ unit are backed with a comprehensive warranty.

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