Induction Lighting is the newest, greenest and most powerful light source in the world today. Induction Lighting uses electro magnetic energy to form light. Electro magnetic coils excite the gas in a glass tube to produce light. This process uses most of it’s energy to produce light, not heat.

Why replace High Bay Metal Halides with Induction Lighting?

The re-strike time is a mere 1/2 second and continues to get bright for a warm-up period of 24 seconds. Unlike HIDs like metal halide which can take up to 15 to 20 minutes to return to full brightness. 

With an incredible longevity of 100,000 hours, Induction lamps are most ideal for area lighting for warehouses, parking garages, underground parking lots, large commercial buildings, gymnasiums, etc. 

Virtually no maintenance, simple to work on, simple to maintain

A range of color temperatures for the specific environment. From 2500k to 6000k 

See how Induction Lighting can save you time, money and energy, get a quote and a simple energy savings audit. Call Steve at 661.305.3332 or email “The Next Generation Lighting Expert” at









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