Green Electricians

Green Electricians

Who are green electricians?

A Green Electrician might:

1. drive a hybrid vehicle

2. encourage the use of power savers mprove energy efficiency, reduce utility costs

3. be up-to-date on energy-efficient lighting, heating, air conditioning, etc.

4. advise on pay-back periods (or alternative options) for appliances, which are efficient in the long term.

5. be experienced at installing the likes of grid-connected photovoltaics and induction lighting

6. be up to speed with occupancy/motion sensors for lighting

7. know about emerging technology, ie, CFL variants, LED cooler lights

8. be able to refer customers to other eco trade persons

9. be versed on electric- and energy-related LEED credits.

10. a LEED accredited professional (AP)


Electricians: go green or go obsolete

“In the next ten to twenty years, ‘electrical contractor’ will no longer be a suitable job title for electricians. They will transition into “energy contractors” to support the fast-growing green construction market”, says Houston Neal. According to Hudson, as interest in renewable energy grows, both by homeowners and businesses alike, electrical contracting will have to adapt and green up in order to stay in business.


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