Freezer Food Display Case Lighting

LED lights for freezer food display case lighting are the choice of many convenience store and grocery supermarket owners and operators. “As far as I can tell, in grocery as well as in the convenience store industry, frozen food in walk-in freezers is definitely increasing,” said Reilly. “Retailers are taking on new items in the frozen food section…I think they’re definitely changing to be a little more competitive.” 

Recent studies have shown that shoppers overwhelmingly prefer LED lighting inside supermarket freezer cases when it comes to merchandise appeal and the brightness, comfort, and evenness of the freezer food display case lighting. “Even though the average illuminance level of the fluorescent-lighted freezer was slightly higher, the uneven distribution of the fluorescent lighting led to areas at the center of each glass door that had roughly half of the average LED light level,” Dr. Narendran said. The light levels were more uniform across in the LED freezer, while the fluorescent freezer had dark areas at the center of the case. “This likely led to the perception that the LED case was brighter,” he said.


Freezer Food Display Case Lighting

LED Advantages in Cold Vaults

Cold temperatures cause the mercury vapor pressure inside fluorescent lamps to drop, leading to reductions in light output of up to 25% under typical conditions found inside a beverage cooler display case. In contrast, LEDs do not suffer the same fate. In some situations, their light output improves in colder environments.

Low-profile LED illuminates freezer food display case lighting while operating very efficiently at low temperatures. Save energy when the aisles are empty with dimmable, controllable LED lighting.

Upgrading to LED lighting in frozen food cases will cut your electricity bill while trimming maintenance costs. LED lights can not only save energy, but they also last much longer than fluorescent lamps in freezer environments, providing a much lower lifecycle cost for owners. The flexibility of LEDs allows them to be mounted in various locations (e.g., along with mullions, along the length of shelves, etc.) and illuminate products evenly by using several distributions to throw light throughout the case.

Freezer Case Compressor Savings Estimate

The freezer case compressor will see a reduction in energy use based on the reduced lighting energy (heat introduced into the case). A conservative estimate of the actual thermal energy introduced into the case from the fluorescent lamp or LED that must be subsequently removed by the refrigeration compressor is 79% of the wattage difference. Therefore the additional compressor savings estimate for a 5-door case is calculated to be an additional 24% savings from the fluorescent baseline.


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