Floral Cooler Replacement Lamps

Floral Cooler Replacement Lamps utilizing the new types of High Output LED lighting are the perfect choices for floral departments as they give superior color and sparkle to floral displays. LED case lighting is ideal for highlighting the freshness and colors of just-cut flowers and floral bouquets. By incorporating a low-radiation full spectrum (5000K color temperature and a high color rendering) LED lamp in your floral department, you will benefit from more naturally vibrant bouquets that sustain their freshness and appearance for longer periods.

 Floral Cooler Replacement lamps


Florists looking to replace the energy-efficient T12 fluorescent in their floral coolers are turning to LED refrigerated display lighting as floral cooler replacement lamps in their florist cases. LED lamps are ideal for illuminating floral as they are engineered to reduce UV and heat, which cause discoloration, fading, and wilting.

Flower stores and florists are confronted with high energy lighting costs and need a bright, daylight color temperature light to display the flowers optimally. Introducing an LED lighting system for floral walk-in coolers and reach-in refrigerator cases. The LED refrigerated display lighting will enhance your flower and floral displays, eliminate maintenance issues and save money on energy usage.

All have an internal driver means no external driver or transformer that generates heat causing the cooler compressors to run longer and harder to remove the added heat. No driver or transformer needs replacing. These cooler door lights are rated for 55,000 hours and have a five-year manufacturer warranty

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